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Government gives MTN the vote

 ·22 Feb 2023

MTN is proud that a third of all state entities have signed up for its mobile communications services as part of its RT15 agreement with the South African government.

The telecommunications giant signed the agreement in March 2021, which allows any state entity to benefit from a dedicated catalogue of MTN services.

The rapid and significant uptake of these services over the past two years is proof of MTN’s outstanding products and solutions, and showcases the trust that the South African government has placed in MTN and its capabilities.

This is proof that the South African government trusts MTN to help it achieve its mandate of creating a better South Africa for all and help accelerate its national development plan 2030 vision

Government business is done better with MTN

There are many examples of how MTN has supported government departments and entities through its superior mobile services.

For example: SARS employees and departments are using MTN mobile services to collect tax revenue quickly and effectively.

This is a critical task, as tax revenue is used to provide essential services to the South African public.

Through the use of MTN’s connectivity services, SARS has been able to streamline its operations so that it can collect more tax to improve the country.

Another great example of MTN services in action is in the state healthcare sector.

Many state hospitals and clinics across South Africa now use uncapped, policy-approved MTN data for important tasks – such as facilitating bookings, keeping in contact with patients, and managing their systems.

Through MTN connectivity, medical practitioners at these facilities are able to help more patients and save more lives.

These are only a few of the many examples of MTN services improving how state departments and entities operate.

In all of these cases, one thing is abundantly clear: the South African government trusts MTN to help it achieve its mandate of creating a better South Africa.

MTN’s RT15 offering

The most popular element of MTN’s RT15 offering to state entities is the provision of uncapped data for work-related purposes.

This data is available at high speeds and impressive stability thanks to the billions of rand MTN has invested in network infrastructure over the years.

Another popular MTN RT15 offering is access to uncapped closed user group minutes and SMSs.

These resources make it easier for state departments to communicate with each other at an affordable rate.

The full range of valuable RT15 benefits that are available to state entities through MTN include:

  • Uncapped data with no fair use policy (FUP)
  • Uncapped closed user group minutes
  • Uncapped closed user group SMSs
  • Voice minutes to call other networks
  • A variety of smartphones

These services have been crafted to reduce costs for state departments and entities, while providing them with a high degree of operational simplification.

Regardless of the services that each state entity opts for, they will also benefit from MTN’s superior customer experience – including a large range of stores, call centres, and online channels.

State entities – click here to take advantage of MTN’s RT15 services.

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