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Deye launches new high-capacity batteries in South Africa – All the details

 ·17 May 2023

At a recent CNBM conference in Sandton, leading energy solutions provider Deye unveiled several new batteries that are coming to South Africa.

Deye is South Africa’s most popular hybrid inverter brand, so it was an easy decision for Deye to develop its own batteries that can be used with its inverters and bring them into the country.

Through extensive research and development, Deye has built an impressive range of battery products that are targeted at the South African market.

Leading distributor CNBM will bring these batteries into South Africa, and will work with its distribution partners to get these products to as many homes and businesses as possible.

Low-voltage residential battery solutions

Deye unveiled four low-voltage residential battery solutions that will be available locally before the end of June 2023.

These batteries are focused on offering an unrivalled balance between performance and price, and include:

  • RW-L2.5 – 2.5kWH wall-mounted battery that works with hybrid inverters.
  • RW-M3.0 – 3kWH wall-mounted battery with IP65 certification to be used outdoors.
  • RW-M5.3 – 5.3kWH wall-mounted battery designed specifically for South African homes.
  • SE-G5.3 – 5.3kWH rackable battery system.

ESS products

Deye also unveiled its new floor-mounted ESS product range, which combines the full functionality of both an inverter and a battery into a single unit.

These products come in both low-voltage and high-voltage versions, and there is even an option to buy a high-voltage floor-mounted ESS that comes with a dedicated electric vehicle charger.

These all-in-one products will launch before the end of 2023.

Commercial solutions

Finally, Deye showcased its high-voltage battery products that are targeted at the commerce and industry (C&I) market.

These products will help large offices and factories manage their power situation optimally, and include:

  • BOS-G – A 60kWH rackable high-voltage battery solution.
  • FE-F60 – A 50KW/60kWH high-voltage all-in-one hybrid ESS solution.
  • MS-G230 – The ultimate 100kW/230kWH high-voltage all-in-one ESS system.

Key features

Deye explained that its batteries stand above the competition thanks to the extensive research and development used to develop them.

This has allowed Deye to push the barriers of what battery technology is capable of and pack more power into smaller and lighter form-factors.

These batteries also support smart technologies for easier battery management, and are particularly effective when linked in parallel.

Deye’s low-voltage batteries support up to 64-units linked in parallel, while 12 clusters can be structured in parallel for the brand’s high-voltage batteries – both of which are industry-leading figures.

Click here to learn more about Deye’s battery products.

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