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Let’s shatter the 6 biggest myths about Mac in the business environment

 ·26 May 2023

In this new digital age of work companies are constantly searching for devices that are ultra reliable, secure out of the box, can last a full day due to load shedding, assist with end user productivity, are affordable, and loved by the end user.

Apple MacBook ticks all these boxes and more. Companies that have made the switch to Mac, absolutely love them, yet when companies are looking for these attributes they still have a slight fear or misconception over Mac in the workplace.

We look at some common myths that iStore Business has come across and address these with some real findings from companies that have happily made the switch, concluding that overall MacBook is a smart investment for businesses looking to increase productivity, security, and efficiency.

Fact-checking some common misconceptions about Mac in the enterprise.

Myth Number 1: Mac is prohibitively expensive

To begin with, it’s hard to compare Mac and PC on a like-for-like basis. Since the new generation of M1 and M2, MacBook is in a class of its own for performance, speed, durability, and all-day battery life.

But in the long run, according to an in-depth Forrester study of the Total Economic Impact

Of Mac In Enterprise, Mac is actually significantly cheaper than their PC equivalent. Mac holds its value longer, has a greater resale value, delivers greater cost savings over time, and offers a higher Return on Investment — more than 300 percent, as reported in Forrester’s findings. MacBook is also less prone to viruses and malware, which can save you money on security software.

And in South Africa, under the Flexi Rental plan from iStore Business, a MacBook Air can cost as little as R499 a month over a 3-year term, with no cash outlay upfront.

Besides a great rental price, Mac is durable, super reliable, and holds its market value – combine this altogether and companies that switch are finding 30% savings over the lifespan of the device. MacBook is a cost-effective investment for those who value longevity, reliability, and quality.

Myth Number 2: Mac is harder for IT teams to deploy and support

“It Just Works” is more than just a slogan for the Mac long-proven ease of use, reliability, and trustworthiness in everyday operation.

It’s also a reminder that Mac can take a lot of the pressure off IT teams in an enterprise environment.

For example, according to iStore Business, a Mac can be set up for provisioning in just 5 minutes, compared to at least an hour for a PC.

Technical support and security updates can be implemented remotely, which means that a single IT technician can support as many as 1,000 Mac devices.

And in a survey of corporate Mac users, iStore Business found there was an average of only 1.3 support tickers per user per year.

Proof that “It Just Works”, when it comes to Mac, means that IT just works less.

Myth Number 3: Mac aren’t serious business machines

While it’s true that Mac is much-loved by creative workers, for its high-performance graphics, raw processing power, and eye-catching aesthetics, it’s equally true that the new breed of M1 and M2 Mac can handle even the most gruelling tasks in a corporate environment.

Every Mac comes with a built-in array of hard-working business tools, including Numbers (for spreadsheets), Keynote (for presentations) and Pages (for documents).

And Mac can also run the Microsoft Office suite, making it easy to collaborate with other users on different platforms.

Myth Number 4: Mac doesn’t get along well with Windows-based systems

Compatibility concerns are a lingering myth associated with Mac in a business environment.

The reality is that Mac can seamlessly integrate with Windows-based networks and systems.

It’s even possible to run legacy Windows applications on Mac, using virtualisation software such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion.

On top of that, Mac supports popular file formats and can easily share files with Windows users through cloud-based storage services or local networks.

Myth Number 5: Mac has a steep learning curve

Switching from Windows to Mac can be a daunting thought and feel unfamiliar.

But from the moment you open your MacBook, and it instantly switches on with a bright and colourful “hello”, you’ll feel at home.

Mac is easy and intuitive to use, and although there are some minor keyboard differences — a ⌘ key instead of a Ctrl key, for instance — the learning curve is more like a gentle gradient of fresh discovery, with all the help you need along the way. Furthermore, every Mac comes with an inbuilt user guide that’s easy to search and use.

Myth Number 6: Mac is a luxury in a hardcore business environment

Leaving aside the basic value proposition of a Mac, which amortises its cost well over time and can easily last for four to five years of everyday use, consider the additional benefit that is built into every Mac. Happiness.

At IBM, for instance, research shows that employees who use Mac are more likely to stay with the company, and to exceed performance expectations when compared to PC users.

An Enterprise Global Study by Jamf found that 97 per cent of users were more productive when using a Mac, while 74 per cent experienced fewer issues than they did while using a PC. Yet more proof of a simple truth: Mac is good for business.

Still unsure about the compatibility of MacBook? iStore Business offers a unique buy and try solution which allows businesses to test out performance and compatibility. This allows you to evaluate suitability for your specific needs. If you are not happy, we will give you a full refund. iStore Business also provides expert support and advice throughout the testing period, to ensure that your business can make an informed decision.

Furthermore, iiStore Business offers 90 days of free tech support. This ensures that organisations have access to expert support and guidance throughout the deployment process and beyond.

For more information on how iStore Business can help your business switch to Mac, fill out our contact form for a free non obligatory consultation to assess your business needs.

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