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Milpark creates a new path to becoming a Chartered Accountant

 ·13 Jun 2023

Milpark Education offers the only completely online path to becoming a chartered accountant (CA) in South Africa and this unique opportunity begins with the institution’s three-year Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting degree, which is followed by a one-year SAICA-accredited PGDA to become a chartered accountant.

Milpark’s mid-year intake for its BCom Accounting degree closes on 21 July 2023 – making now the perfect time to begin your journey to becoming a CA.

Why Milpark Education

Milpark Education’s BCom Accounting degree can be done completely online, and while there are other BCom degrees that offer a mid-year intake, this is the only one that puts you on the path to becoming a CA. This makes Milpark’s offering ideal for individuals who want to change their degree or career or who want to begin their studies as soon as possible.

And your success is their success. The course is run by the experienced former lecturers of CA Connect, who focus on providing both the business and financial acumen that students need to be successful in the field. These lecturers also focus on helping their students develop soft skills for the workplace through additional modules such as strategy and leadership as well as decision-making.

Learners are then exposed to case studies that apply learned skills to real-world scenarios, to further enhance their knowledge.

Milpark Education’s unrivalled support structures are as impressive as the subject matter taught, and the institution uses group and individual study habit data to track learner behaviour and performance. For example: if a learner has been offline for a week, staff will be alerted and can check up on them to see if they need support.

“The evidence and the feedback we get from students is crystal clear: if they are better equipped to manage the many factors that influence and impact on their higher education journey, they have more time to focus more fully on their education,” said Milpark Education’s Gareth Olivier, Head of School: School of Professional Accounting at Milpark.

Incredible growth

Milpark Education (incorporating CA Connect) is also the largest contributor of PGDA students writing SAICA’s ITC board exam.  SAICA has previously called on education institutions to make education more accessible and this is exactly what Milpark is focused on doing.

“Milpark is on a growth trajectory that is unmatched by other institutions,” said Olivier. “In time, given our BCom, PGDA and Bridging courses, this could set Milpark up to become the biggest provider of South African chartered accountants.”

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Applications for Milpark Education’s BCom Accounting mid-year intake close on 21 July 2023.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity – apply to study a BCom Accounting degree from Milpark Education today.

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