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Customers donate R4.4m using the new ‘nav» Care’ capability on the FNB App

 ·25 Jul 2023

FNB is proud to announce that its customers and employees are harnessing the power of using technological innovation for social good after they donated an impressive total of just over R4.4 million in funds and eBucks to charitable causes using the nav» Care feature on the FNB App.

The remarkable generosity of FNB’s customers and employees complements the organisation’s extensive community outreach programmes, including its staff-led volunteer programme, which assists communities in need.

FNB employees and customers together have also adopted just over 1,200 early childhood development centres and just over 100 old age homes to help them with an array of needs.

These adoptions impact around 48,000 children and over 6,000 elderly citizens. Through nav» Care, both customers and employees can now also donate their time, by adopting an ECD or old age home using the App.

Jacques Celliers, FNB CEO, explains that “The acts of care and kindness by our customers and employees have been humbling and give further impetus to our efforts to use our digital platform for social good.

The nav» Care feature is seamlessly integrated into the FNB App to empower our customers and employees to contribute to a diverse range of causes that are close to their hearts.

This technological innovation has not only simplified the process of giving but has also democratised philanthropy by enabling people from all walks of life to make a difference.

“It is truly inspiring to see our customers and employees come together to help those in need. Their efforts are a testimony to the generosity and selflessness that have long been a part of South African culture. We are profoundly inspired by the positive response to our attempts to innovate for the greater good, leveraging our digital platform to facilitate access to help where it is needed,” adds Celliers.

The donations raised through nav» Care have gone to a wide range of initiatives addressing key social challenges.

Early childhood development centres (ECD), which ensure that children have access to education and care, have also received much-needed support.

The donations also benefitted old-age homes and other causes aimed at combating climate change, promoting animal welfare, supporting land and housing initiatives, and recently introduced gender-based violence.

nav» Care is one of FNB’s free smart tools that includes a marketplace for cars, homes and services, wellness support, financial education, and alternative energy.

To donate via the FNB App, follow these steps: Go to the app and press nav-igate life; select nav» Care; choose ‘donate’ and select from a range of causes to donate cash or eBucks.

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