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Sungrow backup power systems – The easiest way to beat load-shedding

 ·27 Jul 2023

Every South African home has experienced the frustrations of load-shedding – from being unable to cook dinner, to not being able to run a heater during winter.

Businesses face huge challenges, too – such as power cuts forcing their critical systems offline and leaving their employees unable to use their devices.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Sungrow backup power systems.

The best way to beat load-shedding

Sungrow has 26 years of industry experience and offers backup power systems that can power everything from your instant appliances like toasters and microwaves, to always-on appliances like fridges and lights.

They can also keep your company’s IT equipment running smoothly – including your laptops, Wi-Fi routers, PC monitors, TVs, and the charging stations for your smartphones and tablets.

It doesn’t matter what size your home or business is, either, as Sungrow systems are designed to make it easy to add new batteries as you need them.

The convenience of this benefit is unrivalled, and means you won’t need to replace your entire backup system when you need more power for all of your devices.

Equally valuable is Sungrow’s fast-charging technology, which will power up your batteries from 0-100% in only two hours.

Thanks to this speedy charging, you can rest assured that your battery will charge up completely between power cuts.

With all of these Sungrow benefits, you will never have to worry about being stranded without power again!

Superior reliability

Sungrow is so confident that its products will last longer than its competitors that it offers a 10-year warranty across all of its solutions.

It also has a passionate national service support team that is ready to help you – but you are unlikely to need to contact this team, as Sungrow products are designed to be resilient against all forms of everyday stress – including lightning, water, dust, and fire threats.

If you want to protect against load-shedding, there is no better solution in South Africa than a Sungrow backup power system.

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