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Interview articles on BusinessTech – Keep your clients in the know

 ·26 Jul 2023

BusinessTech is South Africa’s leading online business news publication and is trusted by South Africa’s top decision-makers as a reliable source of business information.

This makes it a great platform for publishing interview articles that educate your current and prospective clients about your business.

When reading your interview articles, BusinessTech’s readers will receive direct answers to their questions about your business, what it offers, and its plans for the future.

These articles also offer a more personal form of communication, with the executive or manager being interviewed providing a human face to your business.

Why choose BusinessTech

BusinessTech is the best publication on which to run interview articles, thanks to its audience of over 5 million monthly readers.

This audience comprises South Africa’s top business people, including:

  • 2.9 million business decision-makers
  • 856,000 business owners
  • 712,000 senior managers
  • 131,000 CEOs and Directors

BusinessTech’s marketing team will help you reach these readers with its excellent interview article packages.

Article writing is included in these packages, and our team will publish your article on BusinessTech, promote it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and report back on its performance.

Contact the BusinessTech marketing team to learn more.

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