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Dyness launches new solar battery products in South Africa

 ·1 Aug 2023

Dyness recently held its first-ever South African Roadshow, where it unveiled the latest battery products coming to the country.

The event, held in partnership with leading distributor CNBM, unpacked what makes the new Dyness products special and how they will benefit South African users.

“Dyness is famous for its products’ performance, and we are taking this chance to bring our latest products here to grow with our South African customers,” said Dyness Country Manager SA Gavin Tong.

“We think the renewable energy industry will continue to grow for at least 20 years, and we will continue to lead the way.”

Dyness unveiled three new energy storage products at the event – the DL5.0C, the DL5.0X, and the DH200F. We detail these below.

DL5.0C batteries

The DL5.0C and DL5.0X low-voltage storage solutions offer almost identical features – the only difference is their impressive C-rates of 1C and 1.5C, respectively.

C-rate refers to the discharge rate of a storage solution at maximum levels, with a rating of 1C meaning it would take an hour to discharge a battery fully.

In real-world situations, however, 1C amounts to many hours of battery usage for your home or small business. 

The DL5.0C has a maximum discharge current of 100A – more than enough to support South African plug points, which run at 15A. 

Therefore, in the extremely unlikely event that your devices all maximise the 15A supported by South African plug points, you could power nearly 7 of these power-hungry devices at once for an hour.

Other key features of the batteries include:

  • 5.12kWh capacity.
  • Support for up to 50 units in parallel for a total capacity of 256kWh.
  • Support for remote monitoring and upgrades through the Dyness app.
  • Three mounting methods – wall-mounted, floor-standing, and stacked.
  • Wide inverter compatibility.


Dyness also launched a new battery for commercial and industrial-grade solar installations – the DH200F.

These units are geared for the outdoors, thanks to their IP55 certification, and use an all-in-one design that includes air conditioning, a fire extinguisher, and 15 battery modules.

These modules deliver a combined capacity of 215kWh and output power of 100kW.

If you have even larger power needs, you can link up to five of these units in parallel for off-grid systems, and up to 12 cabinets for on-grid systems – delivering up to 1MWh and 2.5MWh of capacity, respectively.

Monitoring these solutions is simple, too, thanks to the included Dyness intelligent battery management technology – which makes it easy to identify if specific battery modules are performing sub-optimally. 

With this knowledge, you can fix or replace the modules – as opposed to the entire unit.

Get a Dyness storage solution

CNBM is the local distribution partner for Dyness in South Africa – Contact CNBM today to learn more.

Dyness is located in China and owns three manufacturing centres in Taizhou and Suzhou. 

We have over 550 employees and an R&D team of over 150 people with more than 10 years of experience in this industry. 

These experts all have a deep understanding of the energy storage industry and are committed to furthering global carbon neutrality.

Dyness owns over 90 patents and many international certifications such as TUV, UL, CE, JET, and CEC. 

Our products have been delivered to over 100 countries across Europe, America, Australia, and Africa. These products serve more than 200,000 households worldwide.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and innovation, Dyness is committed to providing customers with intelligent energy solutions, maximizing the use of green energy and making positive contributions to global carbon neutrality.

Dyness welcomes you to its South African community. Simply scan the below QR code to join.

About CNBM South Africa 

CNBM South Africa is a Chinese state-owned distributor of high-quality products and solutions in South Africa, including industry-leading energy solutions from brands like Dyness.

It has over 10,000 square metres of warehouse space in its Johannesburg facility, 3,000 square metres in Cape Town, and 7,500 square metres in Durban.

These facilities are used to deliver excellent power solutions at scale to South African resellers, installers, businesses, and consumers – all of whom are served by the company’s localised sales and after-sales service teams.

CNBM believes in driving innovation, creativity, and value to achieve sustainable growth and is focused on becoming synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction, and innovation.

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