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Reach your target market with display advertising on BusinessTech

 ·3 Aug 2023

South Africa’s top companies run display advertising campaigns on BusinessTech to reach its audience of key business and purchasing decision-makers.

These display advertising campaigns position their marketing message in high-traffic areas on BusinessTech to deliver the most impressions and engagements with their target audience as possible.

The results speak for themselves – with BusinessTech’s advertising partners reporting that these campaigns achieve an excellent ROI and generate many leads.

Display advertising on BusinessTech

The strong results are thanks to BusinessTech being South Africa’s largest and most influential business news website.

Its monthly audience consists of:

  • 2.9 million business decision-makers
  • 856,000 business owners
  • 712,000 senior managers
  • 131,000 CEOs and directors

BusinessTech’s marketing team is ready to help you reach your target audience with its excellent display advertising packages.

These packages include homepage takeovers, category takeovers, and run-of-site banners – all of which deliver outstanding results.

Our team will also provide comprehensive reporting on your display advertising campaign’s performance – Click here to learn more about running a display advertising campaign.

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