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Introducing the Bidvest Bank 48 Hour Notice Investment Account

 ·7 Aug 2023

Bidvest Bank has seen excellent growth, serving clients, and generating revenue.

We spent time with Herman Sambo, Executive Head: Personal and Business Banking, to unpack some of the bank’s most innovative solutions specifically designed to help businesses thrive.

Bidvest Bank 48 Hour Notice Deposit Account

Bidvest Bank recently introduced the 48- hour notice Investment account to business owners.

The benefit of this call account includes the ability to access funds within two business days’ notice. Returns are guaranteed at maturity at an attractive interest rate of 8,55%*.

Sambo explains that business clients are required to have a minimum amount of R100,000 to open the account.

It should not be seen as a transactional account, rather as an investment vehicle allowing for flexibility to access the cash quicker when the need arises.

“This account is specifically designed for business who have surplus funds and want to maximise their interest earnings,” says Sambo. “As such, this account can yield a more significant return and the capital is guaranteed.”

This account is specifically designed for business who have surplus funds and want to maximise their interest earnings.

Competitive advantages

The account was developed as a vehicle to facilitate business savings. Should access to funds be needed, the account calls for 48 hours’ notice, which means there is less temptation to withdraw the money unless it is genuinely necessary.

“The idea is to keep the money in the account and grow the balance, capitalising on the attractive interest rate that the account offers,” explains Sambo.

“We’d like to see businesses use this account as a savings vehicle where they increase their balance and save towards their individual financial goals.”

The addition of the 48 Hour Notice Deposit Account adds to the Business Savings continuum offering from Bidvest Bank.

This allows all types of business to find the right savings and investment solutions to meet their needs be it short-term or long- term with great interest earning potential.

Sambo concludes, “We believe this is a game-changing solution that empowers businesses to maximise their savings potential. While it allows them to save with ease, they are still able to maintain access to their funds within 48 hours.”

“By making use of this account specifically as a savings vehicle, businesses can pave the way to greater financial stability, and a more deliberate control over their financial future.”

Click here to find out about Bidvest Bank’s 48 Hour Notice Investment Account.

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