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How Mesh is changing the capital markets game with blockchain technology

 ·16 Aug 2023

Mesh is a unique financial markets platform that bridges the gap between traditional finance (TradFi), alternative finance (AltFi), and decentralised finance (DeFi).

Managing Director Connie Bloem said in a recent Business Talk interview that she founded Mesh to tackle major issues in conventional markets – such as extreme complexity and exorbitantly high costs.

Mesh is successfully achieving this and is re-engineering how the capital markets work by compressing the processes involved in raising and investing funds.

How Mesh uses Blockchain technology

Bloem explained that Mesh simplifies and speeds up the traditional funding process with its secure, compliant, and innovative blockchain solution.

The technology driving Mesh applies tokenisation to non-crypto assets, such as stocks and bonds, that have been fully validated and checked for compliance with market regulations. Issuers and investors can then trade the tokens representing these assets – without any security or reliability concerns.

This significantly reduces the costs and time that is required to trade and own financial assets. The consensus in the market is currently that costs are reduced by 35 – 50 % and that settlement that used to take 2 days or longer now occur in seconds.

Instead of the current market process of trading through intermediaries, those using Mesh trade directly with each other – having full knowledge that the opposite party has already been vetted.

Planning for the future

Mesh is growing its service at an impressive rate and has big expansion plans for the future.

Its parent company, 42Markets Group, recently received a R182-million capital injection. The majority of these funds will be used to fund Mesh’s growth plans, which include entering the alternative investment space and catering to the types of transactions that are not catered to by public exchanges and popular investment houses.

Mesh also has plans to move into new countries soon, ensuring that it remains compliant with the regulatory requirements for every jurisdiction it operates in.

A bright future

It is an exciting time for Mesh as it progresses towards its ultimate goal – building a new capital market paradigm.

This lofty ambition requires it to constantly challenge itself, expand its workforce, and leverage its committed staff – with Bloem leading the way to ensure its goals become a reality.

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