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Mazda – Quality above all else

 ·18 Aug 2023

Throughout its over-100-year history, Mazda has prioritised building its cars with high-quality equipment and finishes – both under the bonnet and inside the cabin.

This has never been more apparent than with the Mazda CX-60, Mazda’s new premium mid-size SUV.

The Mazda CX-60 sets a new bar in its segment by embracing Mazda’s outstanding SKYACTIV driving technologies, which focus on improving vehicle efficiency while also maximising driving dynamics.

This includes delivering excellent engine performance without using a turbocharger – as turbochargers add a layer of extra risk that decreases vehicle reliability.

The result of this is a mid-sized SUV that delivers as much power as its competitors, without the reliability concerns.

Other examples of SKYACTIV in action across Mazda’s vehicles include:

  • G-Vectoring Control – Delivers precise and responsive steering for maximum grip during twists and turns, even in wet conditions.
  • Body and Chassis – Drivers will feel connected to the Mazda CX-60 thanks to its refined, linear handling for superior stability at all speeds.
  • I-ACTIV All-Wheel-Drive – 27 sensors are used to calculate optimal torque transfer and distribution of power for a predictable ride.

Interior style and features

Mazda matches the outstanding quality of its driving experience with luxurious finishes and features inside the cabin.

In the Mazda CX-60, Mazda has implemented its Driver Personalisation system – which automatically determines the optimal seating position and height based on your physique.

This system will then recognise your face in the future and will automatically adjust the vehicle’s numerous settings to suit your preferences.

The Mazda CX-60’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) is equally impressive and includes a 12-inch driver’s display, a 12.3-inch infotainment system display, and a large heads-up display.

You can use these interfaces to access Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – depending on the smartphone you use – and seamlessly link your to vehicle.

Jinba Ittai

All of Mazda’s cutting-edge features have one thing in common – they provide tangible value to the driver and their passengers.

While many other brands focus on features that look good in marketing materials, Mazda is truly committed to ensuring that every feature, finish, and interface is purposefully chosen to deliver an immersive driving experience.

Mazda calls this philosophy Jinba Ittai – a phrase which describes the bond between a horse and its rider.

Just as a horse and its rider must experience a oneness, so too Mazda believes that every car owner should feel at one with their vehicle.

Test drive a Mazda

Mazda believes that understanding the quality of its vehicles requires that you sit in the driver’s seat and go for a drive.

It is confident that you will then understand what makes Mazda special, and feel its unrivalled commitment to delivering a human-centric driving experience.

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