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Revolutionizing solar access: Hohm Energy’s game-changing R999 offer paves the way for affordable, sustainable living

 ·12 Oct 2023

A groundbreaking transformation is underway in South Africa’s renewable energy sector, led by the solar marketplace pioneer Hohm Energy. Today, they have unveiled their commitment to providing the most cost-effective subscriptions for homes across the nation.

Through a strategic partnership with Glint, Hohm Energy will offer solar subscription plans starting at an incredibly low monthly price of R999 and thus empower more families to embrace the solar revolution.

Tim Ohlsen, CEO of Hohm Energy, expresses enthusiasm for the debut of solar subscriptions on the Hohm marketplace. He states, “In a landscape where countless individuals grapple with disruptions from load-shedding daily, our commitment lies in offering a cleaner alternative to everyone.”

“Collaborating with Glint perfectly aligns with our vision to broaden the spectrum of solar finance solutions and elevate customer experiences. Our joint efforts aim to transform solar energy into an accessible, intelligent, and sustainable choice, making it not only affordable but also a wise decision for all.”

Key Features of the Solar Subscriptions1:

1. Affordability:

The subscription service kicks off with an attractive monthly fee of R999,  making it one of the most budget-friendly options in the market. The special introductory offer applies to the Flash plan, which provides a battery solution that effectively renders a small to medium sized house resilient against stage 4 load shedding2.

2. Lowest Initiation Fee:

Hohm Energy proudly offers the lowest initiation fees in South Africa, requiring just R999 as a one-time cost to initiate the Flash plan. For the other plans, the one-time cost is the same as the price for one month’s subscription.

3. Unrivaled flexibility:

Hohm Energy stands by transparency and flexibility, customers can cancel the subscription or buy the solar plant at any time without ever incurring cancellation fees.

4. Comprehensive Range of Subscription Plans:

Hohm Energy presents an extensive range of subscription plans catering to various needs and budgets.

From the entry-level battery backup “Flash” plan at R999 per month and entry-level solar ‘Flash Plus” plan at R1350, to premium options like the “Shine” plan at R3750 per month, these subscriptions offer tailored solar plans for every household. 

For comprehensive information on the available subscription plans, visit

5. Hohm Energy Promise:

Our commitment to valued customers guides them toward energy independence with transparency and accountability. The Hohm Energy Promise ensures top-tier solar products, with trained and vetted installers, emphasizing quality and durability. Punctuality is a top priority, with a guaranteed swift two-week installation.

Delays, if any, will be compensated at levels equivalent to expected savings. Support extends beyond installation, with a dedicated 24/7 team ensuring customer satisfaction, addressing concerns, and providing service plans for regular maintenance.

Franc Gray, CEO of Glint, expresses enthusiasm for the forthcoming era of clean energy. He remarks, “Recognizing the core values cherished by our customers, including the significance they attribute to seamless power provision, trust, and empowerment, we are thrilled about the potential of our solar subscriptions.”

“In partnership with Hohm Energy, we are proud to offer the most cost-effective and adaptable financing solutions, enabling individuals to effortlessly tap into the boundless power of the sun.”

About Hohm Energy

With a clear focus on bringing the best of solar solutions to South Africa, Hohm Energy’s partnership with Glint is just the beginning. Their shared values of reliability, eco-friendliness, and customer-centricity are set to redefine the solar landscape in the country.

If you’re ready to be part of this exciting journey, now’s the time. Discover the world of solar energy, made accessible by Hohm Energy.

Explore the offerings on and find the perfect solar subscription for you.

1. Terms and Conditions apply.
2. Flash solar plan provides 3.6kWh of battery capacity, estimated to provide more than 3 hours of backup power for a typical household. Energy consumption will vary depending on season, household size and appliance usage.

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