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SMEs need to modernise to compete effectively in the digital economy

 ·27 Oct 2023

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to modernise their IT infrastructure in order to innovate and remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

SMEs form the backbone of economies worldwide, and Africa in particular, contributing significantly to job creation and economic growth.

However, to remain competitive and sustainable, these businesses must adapt to the digital age and overhaul their infrastructure.

Getting rid of legacy

Outdated infrastructure often leads to inefficiencies in business operations. Modernising IT, hardware, software, and processes can streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and optimise resource allocation, leading to increased productivity.

Modern infrastructure also enables SMEs to better cater to the needs and expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumers.

From responsive websites and mobile apps to efficient order processing, modernisation helps enhance the overall customer experience, fostering loyalty and driving growth.

In addition, in today’s world where data volumes are burgeoning, SMEs need solutions that can store and manage their data. Legacy systems simply aren’t up to the job. And over and above storing their data, they need to secure it too.

As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, SMEs need robust security measures to protect their data and customer information.

Having modern IT solutions will ensure up-to-date security protocols, reducing the risk of data breaches and potential legal repercussions.

Similarly, regulations and compliance standards are continually evolving, and bringing new tech on board ensures that SMEs can keep up with these changes, avoiding legal penalties.

Adapting to changes

Modern infrastructure, particularly when it comes to storage, is designed to be scalable, allowing SMEs to adapt quickly to changing demands.

Instead of large capital outlays, SMEs can scale up and down as needed, without worrying about over- or under-provisioning.

This flexibility is invaluable in a dynamic market where growth can happen suddenly.

SMEs that fail to modernise might also lose their competitive edge.

Embracing modern, innovative technology puts smaller entities in a better position to respond to market changes, outpace rivals, and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Modern infrastructure also enables employees to work from anywhere, which can improve staff retention and operational resilience, and can help SMEs expand their reach far beyond their immediate geographic area, and tap into global markets and customer bases.

A solution for all budgets

However, although many SMEs want to bring their infrastructure up to speed for the modern age, they fear the cost of modernisation will be unaffordable. It needn’t be.

Tarsus Distribution and Dell Technologies have a range of industry-leading solutions that not only come with an affordable price tag, but they also lead to long-term savings.

These technologies are more energy-efficient, they require less maintenance and repairs, minimising downtime and associated costs.

Firstly, Dell PowerEdge servers are renowned for their scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

These features make them an excellent choice for SMEs, who often face budget constraints but need performance and stability to support their operations.

Next, Dell PowerStore is an all-in-one storage solution that is built from the ground up using the latest technologies to deliver the performance, availability, security, flexibility, and ease of use that modern applications require.

Finally, Dell PowerProtect offers an ideal solution for SMEs looking to protect their valuable data, offering unified data protection, scalability, and efficiency.

It optimises data protection processes, making backups faster and reducing storage requirements.

It also offers robust encryption and security features to protect data from threats, integrating seamlessly with Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerStore storage solutions, providing a cohesive ecosystem that simplifies data management for SMEs.

Dell PowerEdge, PowerProtect, and PowerStore are the ideal technology solutions for SMEs looking to enhance their IT infrastructure, and drive their businesses forward.

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