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Refrigerated vehicle rentals – Why Petit Forestier is your best choice in South Africa

 ·7 Nov 2023

Renting a refrigerated vehicle from Petit Forestier is the best way for your business to transport chilled or frozen products – including food and pharmaceuticals.

Founded in France over 100 years ago, Petit Forestier launched in South Africa in 2018 with 70 refrigerated trucks and was immediately a leading business in the country to focus exclusively on renting out refrigerated vehicles.

It has since increased its rental fleet to 300 refrigerated vehicles – which range from refrigerated bakkies that can handle a 560kg payload, to large refrigerated trucks that can handle several tonnes and make cross-country trips.

According to Managing Director for Southern Africa, William Racinne, it has plans to expand this fleet further.

“We are willing to double our fleet in the next 2 years and to start bringing more sustainable refrigerated trucks on South African roads,” said Racinne.

“We would like to define ourselves as the greenest South African cold chainist by bringing suitable solutions for local companies to optimize their business.”

How Petit Forestier works

Hiring a refrigerated vehicle from Petit Forestier is easy.

The first step is to request a quote or contact the Petit Forestier head office in Midrand, Gauteng.

When requesting a quote, you detail the city where the truck will depart from and return to, when you would like the rental period to begin, and how long you need to use the vehicle.

Lease periods range from as little as 1 day, and go all the way up to 10 years.

Where Petit Forestier sets itself apart from other companies in the transportation space is that it does not provide a driver for the vehicle.

Instead, you use your business’s existing truck drivers. This is hugely beneficial, as it allows you to move your chilled or frozen goods using the drivers you have built relationships with and know your business requirements.

Your drivers understand your routes and clients and are reliant on your business succeeding for continued career growth. This makes it hugely advantageous for a business to use its own drivers, as opposed to a temporary driver.

Leasing vs Buying

The leasing model used by Petit Forestier provides several advantages to South African businesses which need access to refrigerated vehicles.

Firstly, it reduces the capital outlay required – as buying a refrigerated vehicle is expensive.

Secondly, you don’t incur high levels of risk – as Petit Forestier’s rental deals come with multiple maintenance and insurance options to put your mind at ease.

In contrast, if you bought your own vehicle, any accidents or breakdowns would be your responsibility to resolve.

Finally, Petit Forestier provides businesses with the flexibility to scale their fleet operations as they need – which not only includes increasing the number of refrigerated vehicles they operate but also the size and capacity of the models they use.

Refrigerated cold store containers

This year, Petit Forestier has also introduced refrigerated containers to rent, which are available in two sizes – 20ft and 40ft.

Representing the best mobile cold storage on the South African market, refrigerated containers allow you to choose specific temperatures based on the items you wish to refrigerate.

As with its vehicles, Petit Forestier performs full maintenance on its containers to ensure they are always operating at peak performance.

Petit Forestier containers can be delivered countrywide, and have been a hit in South Africa, with adoption spanning sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, mass distribution, local authorities, the automotive industry, and service station networks.

Organisations across these industries have been empowered to do the following:

  • Manage exceptional situations – like activity peaks requiring additional refrigerated storage.
  • Manage maintenance work and equipment breakdowns.
  • Temporarily store goods while waiting for permanent refrigeration infrastructure to be built.
  • Transport perishables without health risks to consumers.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion

Petit Forestier has become the industry leader while retaining its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.

An example is how Petit Forestier has regularly lent trucks for free to the Commercial Transport Academy – a 100% female-operated organisation based in Johannesburg.

Through the use of these trucks, the Commercial Transport Academy has trained many women to become truck drivers.

This is critical for addressing gender inequality, breaking down stereotypes, and lowering South Africa’s skills shortage.

The Petit Forestier promise

Petit Forestier is able to offer great rental deals to businesses thanks to its strong investment in its infrastructure.

It has its own workshop facilities to ensure each vehicle remains in top condition when on the road.

With a nationwide reach in South Africa and plans to continue to grow its business in the country, Petit Forestier is ready to help your business operate a sustainable and reliable cold chain.

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