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Secure your future – Become a Chartered Accountant through Milpark Education in 2024

 ·13 Nov 2023

Milpark Education is dedicated to giving South Africans the skills they need to have their dream careers. It offers a 3-year online BCom Accounting degree and 1-year SAICA-accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA), which combine to prepare you to complete the SAICA board exams to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

Applications for Milpark Education’s 2024 BCom Accounting degree are now open, and there is no better time to begin your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Securing your future

If you are about to finish matric and are planning your academic future, as the largest provider of ITC candidates in the country Milpark Education is the best way to become a Chartered Accountant in South Africa.

Their delivery method makes it much more accessible than attending a physical university, thanks to a flexible online learning schedule, while offering high-quality education in a lucrative field – setting the stage for a successful career.

Milpark Education’s BCom Accounting degree is also the best way for professionals to formalise their training and expertise.

The unique acceptance criteria gives more talented South Africans the opportunity to study to become a CA.

It is therefore clear that with Milpark Education, anyone can access a cost-effective, flexible, and world-class tertiary education.

Learning with Milpark Education

Thanks to the online nature of Milpark Education’s BCom Accounting degree and 1-year PGDA, Milpark graduates can take the first SAICA ITC board exam after only four years of studying.

Milpark Education’s BCom Accounting degree also has a strong reputation in the market, thanks to two core aspects.

First is its highly qualified and experienced lecturing team that will equip you with the practical and technical knowledge, business acumen, and problem-solving skills you need to succeed.

Second is the fact the degree is based on the CA 2025 Competency framework, which aims to produce students who are not only technically qualified, but also responsible leaders – extending beyond the mere theory to offering students practical exposure to the business context and relevant applications.

“The structure of this course pursues our vision of offering a more engaging and challenging degree than traditional accounting courses – it is challenging yet rewarding which is ideal as this is how you stretch students to grow and transform,” said Dr Judith Terblanche, the Head of BCom Development at Milpark Education.

As a result of its progressive acceptance criteria and superior teaching, Milpark Education is the only sensible option to becoming a CA from the largest providers of ICT candidates in South Africa!

Applications for Milpark Education’s 2024 BCom in Accounting degree are now open.

Click here to apply to study at Milpark Education.

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