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Buying a solar system in South Africa – Why cheaper isn’t always better

 ·20 Nov 2023

When installing a solar energy system at your home, it is important that you prioritise quality – both in terms of your equipment and your installer.

“If you try to go cheap, you could end up with numerous additional costs,” said LookSee Executive Head Marc du Plessis.

Du Plessis explained that cutting corners with your solar system installation can result in catastrophe.

“Insurance won’t pay out for electrical fires or other damage caused by inferior equipment or installations – and if you use a poor installer, it is likely they won’t have proper third-party insurance.”

Inferior equipment

Accidents should not be your only concern, however, as sub-par solar equipment can result in inefficient electricity generation and storage.

For example: A lead-acid battery may be more affordable in the short term, but it has a significantly lower cycle life – meaning you would have to replace your battery with a new one within a shorter period.

When you do the math, it becomes clear that over several years, Lithium-ion and Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer far more value – as they will last for many years.

It is therefore important for South Africans to think about their long-term savings, rather than short-term capital outlay, when buying and installing a solar system.

Poor installers

It is equally important to think long-term regarding the installation of a solar system.

While it may be tempting to get a cheaper installation job done by an inexperienced, unqualified practitioner, the long-term effects of a bad installation should deter you from doing this.

A bad installation will usually cause tripping and shorting, which is extremely inconvenient and can damage your solar equipment and your household appliances over time.

Damage caused by a bad installation will not be covered by your system’s manufacturer’s warranty, either, leaving you to cover the bill or embark on a lengthy, costly court case against the sub-par installer.

Choose the right installer

To protect South Africans against making serious mistakes with their solar installations, LookSee has built a network of installers with extensive experience in, and qualifications for performing solar installations.

When offering its affordable solar solutions, LookSee only works with installers who boast a master electrician in their ranks.

It also checks other important credentials, such as how long they have been in business, what their customers say about their services, and whether they have the appropriate accreditation.

“We have even developed a playbook of how a solar installation should take place, allowing our customers to hold their installers to account,” said du Plessis.

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