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Hohm Solar – the gift that keeps on giving!

 ·17 Nov 2023

Hohm Energy, South Africa’s first ClimateTech solar marketplace, has turned the stereotypical ‘Festive Season Commercial’ on its head by launching a social video campaign to deliver on its mission to accelerate the adoption of rooftop solar.

According to Montmasson-Clair, by September this year, SA imports of solar panels reached R18bn; more than 4.5GW of capacity.

37,000+ South Africans have already made use of the Hohm Energy ‘Solar as a Service’ (SaaS) platform.

Tim Ohlsen, the CEO of Hohm Energy, is dedicated to revolutionising the often challenging and complex process homeowners face when acquiring solar energy systems. His team has crafted a cutting-edge, technology-led aggregator platform that effortlessly links homeowners with trusted solar installers, while also providing structured solar financing solutions.

Ohlsen adds, “We’ve created more than 17,500 personalised solar proposals valued at R3.6 billion utilising our proprietary solar engineering designed software. Additionally, we’ve facilitated over R1.6 billion in finance applications, which were initiated by Hohm Energy and directed to our retail banking partners.” key metrics:

  • 37,000+ users on the platform
  • Generated 17,500+ matches between customers and installers
  • Resulted in R3.6bn worth of personalised solar proposals – 114 Megawatts of solar supply
  • Attracted R1.6bn worth of finance applications – equivalent to 85+ Megawatts
  • Onboarded 55 active and vetted installers across SA
  • Matched customers with solar solutions ranging from R48K to R980k – a solar solution for every consumer (average value R205K)
  • Provides access to the most affordable solar subscriptions available

Ohlsen sums up, “Hohm Energy simplifies the journey for customers, making it easy to obtain credit and afford a solar system with minimal effort. By forging partnerships with four of the top five retail banks in South Africa, we’re not only streamlining the process but also fundamentally reshaping the nation’s energy infrastructure.”

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