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Lulame unveils its first smart modular healthcare unit in South Africa

 ·20 Nov 2023

Lulame has unveiled its first modular medical unit, which is an important landmark in ending the long walk to accessible healthcare for South Africans.

The unit is built to be a fully functional, hospital-grade medical facility that can be deployed in rural areas, in crisis environments where medical assistance is needed or used to easily expand a healthcare provider’s existing operations in overcrowded environments.

The Lulame unit was unveiled in Olievenhoutbosch township in Gauteng and has been placed to be an extension of the Olievenhoutbosch clinic to assist in the high volumes of patients seeking services.

Technology Director for Lulame, Shubana Harilal, said, “Lulame is focused on providing increased access to healthcare, particularly in underserved areas, driving health equity for all. Our strategy holds tremendous promise as we focus on healthcare delivery and evolving patient expectations, offering convenience and reducing the burden on brick-and-mortar health facilities.”

“We are so excited to be rewriting the healthcare narrative for individuals and communities across the continent in uberizing the health universe.”.

Lulame provides fully functional hospital-grade modular medical units that feature state-of-the-art smart technology, with a sleek design, making it a pleasing addition to the façade of any medical facility.

The Lulame concept is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare modular mobile healthcare units that allow healthcare providers to reach more patients in less time, ultimately leading to better care for more people, regardless of their background.

These mobile units can be used as single units or in multi-unit configurations, and comprise the following:

  • Lulame base unit
  • Lulame Advanced Care Unit
  • Lulame purpose-built unit

The Lulame base unit is a modular system that is pre-configured and suitable for a wide range of use cases, including:

  • Clinics
  • Screening units
  • Primary health
  • Chronic tests
  • Post-op care

The diverse use cases ensure the Lulame base unit covers all your healthcare needs.

Clients that prefer a specific functionality are able to upgrade to a Lulame Advanced care unit, which features extensive additions such as mobile connectivity, smart services, and a health information management system provided by South Africa’s largest black-owned ICT company, Gijima. In addition, the advanced unit has a sustainable solar power system, a water tank and air conditioning.

At the top of the range is the Lulame “purpose-built unit, which has a modular design enabling a unique set-up, per unique location for any healthcare requirement.

A customer is able to choose between a custom-built Lulame Examination Suite and a Lulame Bio-Safety Lab – both of which are built to the highest medical standards, with WHO and NIH guidelines observed. 

Lulame’s vision

As a leading provider of smart-health modular and mobile healthcare systems in Africa, Lulame aims to make healthcare efficient and standardised for everyone.

Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lulame is the result of a collaboration between three South African companies – Hermetic Mobility, Gijima, and Guma.

These companies founded Lulame to deliver multi-faceted healthcare care suites.

Lulame has established manufacturing hubs in Cape Town and Johannesburg – making it easy to build and mobilise its units at short notice – and is driven by its core values of innovation, accessibility, and excellence.

Chairman of Guma, Robert Gumede, said “The Lulame unit is designed and developed to the highest standards, the vision is to revolutionise the healthcare sector in South Africa and abroad, by being able to provide turn-key medical healthcare solutions within 24 hours of request.” Why? Because we have readymade product shells ready to customise for deployment.

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For enquiries, please contact:

Marketing Director, Roberta Gumede – [email protected]

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