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Redefining South Africa’s largest industries with 5G private networks from MTN Business

 ·22 Nov 2023

The future of business connectivity is here: 5G private networks from MTN Business.

5G private networks offer high-speed, seamless connectivity that accelerates digital transformation and the adoption of advanced solutions, revolutionising key industries in South Africa as a result.

Industries including mining and manufacturing can now manage their own localised networks through specialised equipment and configurations, and are reaping the benefits.

Redefine your industry

5G private networks from MTN Business are the latest evolution in networking, offering predictable, reliable, high-capacity, and ultra-low latency connectivity.

Precisely configured to deliver optimal performance and efficiency, these 5G private networks offer speeds up to 20-times faster than existing industrial networking solutions.

This enables businesses to connect their IoT devices across large operational areas, including in remote zones and where public networks don’t exist.

By deploying local infrastructure – including radios, antennas, basebands, edge computing, CPE, sensors, and SIM cards – setup is also highly customisable and will differ for each customer depending on their requirements.

This includes factors such as the size of the necessary coverage area and whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Customers will then have full control over their own 5G private network, enabling them to tailor it to their specialised equipment, operational needs, and security and privacy requirements.

Leading the way

South Africa is a world leader in mining, and companies in the sector are turning to smart mining solutions to improve their operations and safety – giving them a competitive edge.

These companies are therefore using 5G private networks to enable IoT sensors and devices attached to their mining equipment.

The superior connectivity provided by MTN Business means that whether their smart equipment is in an open pit, a surface strip, or an underground mine, important data can be transmitted to enhance operational safety and maintain peak performance.

MTN Business 5G private networks are also being implemented in the manufacturing sector to deliver smart solutions that maximise profits and reduce risks.

For example: 5G private networks can be used to automate transport vehicles within a factory and remotely control essential operations.

MTN Business also acknowledges the potential for 5G private networks to transform many other sectors in the future, and is committed to achieving this in:

  • Retail and warehousing
  • Healthcare and education
  • Smart public services
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Banking and financial services

Contact MTN Business to start your 5G private networks journey.

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