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BusinessTech review videos – How we made the Anker 535 PowerHouse look awesome

 ·22 Nov 2023

BusinessTech review videos are a great way to highlight the key features of your products to an engaged audience of purchasing decision-makers.

Anker experienced this first-hand when it booked a review video to promote its 535 PowerHouse portable power station.

This was one of two new power stations that Anker had launched in South Africa, and it wanted to position the product as a serious player in the local power station industry.

Running a review video

Once Anker had booked its review video, all it had to do was send us the power station it wanted featured – and BusinessTech took care of the rest.

A BusinessTech journalist first tested the power station and learned about its best features.

With this knowledge, the journalist joined up with our in-house multimedia team in their professional studio to plan, record, and produce an awesome review video of the Anker power station.

Once ready, we sent the video to Anker for approval – after which it was published on BusinessTech, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can watch the review video below, to see the finished product.

Book a review video

Anker’s review video was extremely successful and achieved over 10,000 total views across our channels.

This provided Anker with excellent exposure, while simultaneously educating the market about the power station and allowing potential customers to engage directly with Anker’s retailers.

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