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MTN excited to help South African SOEs reach new heights in 2024

 ·27 Mar 2024

MTN’s work with South Africa’s top SOEs was hugely successful in 2023, and it has big plans to deliver even more benefits to these organisations in 2024 and beyond

As the South African government’s official ICT partner, MTN has made major progress in its SOE partnerships in sectors such as health, transport, and public services.

It has leveraged its world-class ICT services and skills to help these SOEs embrace the technologies they need to thrive.

A key theme at MTN is driving the public-private partnership discussion. Being part of the service providers in the  RT15 contract, MTN views partnering with the country’s top SOEs as key to the success of the economy and the country’s deliverables in both short and long term.

Delivering throughout the journey

This long-term view means MTN can meet SOEs wherever they are in their current ICT journey and guide them through a continuous, iterative digitisation process.

For example: When MTN first began working with transport sector SOEs, a top need was to add reliable voice and data communication services.

It was then simple to implement the mobile application and PTT solutions these SOEs needed.

MTN’s approach in the SOE space is to approach each SOE organically, therefore allowing the necessary time for VAS services to be introduced.

The robust voice and data network infrastructure of MTN has enabled the transport-focused SOE to embrace the idea of convergence rapidly.

MTN has been able to successfully roll out Mobile and Hosted PABX solutions, which has enabled the SOE to realise savings of up to 30% and efficiency in their operations.

MTN and the SOE will continue on their journey, with the next goal being to help the SOE partner embrace their cloud products.

This will enable access to next-generation digital communications capabilities and storage.

Bespoke services

MTN’s client-first focus is complemented by its wide range of capabilities and products.

As a result, it offers an unrivalled ability to build comprehensive solutions that cater specifically to each SOE’s needs.

MTN believes in embracing a servant mentality – based on empathy, innovation, and tenacity.

This allows MTN to be relevant to its SOE partners and helps it to understand their unique needs before building bespoke solutions that meet them.

Work with MTN

South African SOEs are encouraged to contact MTN and enter into discussions about how MTN can take their operations to new heights through world-class, bespoke ICT solutions.

MTN has identified the country’s utilities and security sectors in particular as areas where it can deliver quick wins to top SOEs.

“We are always open to listening to the needs of South Africa’s SOEs, as we are aligned with the government’s mandate to digitise, and we will provide security to the economy through robust connectivity, large bandwidth capacity, and cutting-edge government ICT infrastructure which enables efficient support,” said Joe Ncube, Head of State Owned Entities at MTN Business.

Contact MTN about its bespoke solutions for SOEs.

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