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The Southern African Market Research Industry Gathers Once Again for the Annual SAMRA Conference.

 ·15 Apr 2024

After a five-year break prompted by the pandemic, the Annual SAMRA Conference is back in action! This year’s theme, #PeoplePlanetProfit highlights, that what we do today, influences tomorrow. The theme for this year encapsulates the essence of our collective mission as market researchers: to take accountability for our actions in creating and sustaining a practice that is innovative while also maintaining a sustainable future for all.

For years, the Annual SAMRA conference has stood as a pivotal event in the market research industry, serving as a historical platform for research professionals to showcase methodologies. It’s been the very crucible where paradigms shifted and new methodologies unveiled. This year promises to uphold this tradition, offering us a unique opportunity to witness and learn, particularly regarding the profound shifts in the market research industry’s practices since the onset of the pandemic.

This year’s line-up of speakers and papers presents a unique blend, harmonising traditional perspectives with futuristic visions. With a delicate equilibrium in mind, this balance is poised to navigate the evolving landscape of digitalisation, innovation, and foundational principles in market research, all while prioritising the human element. In addition to these speakers, industry experts will host insightful workshops and presentations.

SAMRA would like to extend our conference invitations to all analytics, data technology and brand teams to join us where the latest thinking and industry trends will be showcased. In addition, we will host 2 workshops and various guest speakers who have made headlines in the market research space. We have opened up limited sponsorship opportunities which can be taken up by any organisation that would like to connect with our members.

For more information about sponsorships and online registrations click here.

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