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HONOR Leads Next-Level Smartphone Experience with Cutting-edge AI Integration

 ·24 Apr 2024

AI has become an all-encompassing tool that has enabled society to rethink how we integrate information, analyse data, build careers, and essentially improve the efficacy of everyday tasks.

AI is transforming every industry for the better and becoming more crucial in the everyday running of businesses.

With a strong vision for technological advancements and a key pioneer for innovation, HONOR is creating a new level of smartphones that enhance user experience through cutting-edge AI integration.

This is rapidly evolving the concept of how consumers interact with HONOR smartphones, with more nuanced and meaningful interactions becoming the norm.

Recognising the transformative power of AI, HONOR is working towards delivering a visionary user experience in the global market by adopting a visionary Four-Layer AI strategy.  

The Four-Layer Architecture Explained

Each layer has been designed to maximise AI’s potential. Through this strategy, HONOR aims to unify different devices under a single AI-powered ecosystem, thus enabling seamless connectivity and resource allocation.

By reimagining the smartphone operating system with the introduction of MagicOS 8.0, HONOR aims to create a more intuitive system tailored to individual preferences and use so that every device experience is unique to its user.

By directly integrating AI into various device features and functionalities, HONOR has become a trailblazer with a user-centric focus, encompassing intelligent features to simplify everyday tasks.

Furthermore, by synergising on-device and cloud-based AI, HONOR aims to leverage its full potential by giving users near-limitless applications such as Artificial Intelligence Generated Content, all from the palm of their hand.

While many smartphone manufacturers focus solely on AI at an application level, HONOR’s unique AI strategy delivers a transformative user experience characterised by personalised interactions and next-level productivity.

Integrating the Four-Layer Architecture into the HONOR Magic6 Pro

The Magic6 Pro personifies HONOR’s AI-driven innovation with various industry-first applications of this revolutionary new technology.

With advancements in photography capabilities, display quality, performance, and user experience, the HONOR Magic6 Pro sets a new industry benchmark and delivers an unparalleled smartphone experience. 

AI Falcon Camera System

The upgraded AI Falcon camera system is now backed by powerful AI algorithms, which help users capture photographs with intricate details.

Compared to the HONOR Magic5 Pro, the HONOR Magic6 Pro brings several new innovations to the AI Motion Sensing algorithm, pioneered by refinements from HONOR’s R&D team.

While the previous version of this tech relied on only 270,000 images to train for detecting actions such as jumping, walking, and running, the upgraded version uses a dataset of nearly 8 million images across ten different scenarios, resulting in much smarter AI capabilities. 

Circadian Night Display

To help improve user sleep patterns, the phone’s Circadian Night Display leverages AI to adapt to each user’s night-time usage and adjust colour temperature accordingly.

The MagicOS 8.0

One of the greatest examples of AI innovation comes from the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s MagicOS 8.0, which harnesses AI in a multitude of unique ways.

Magic Portal, for example, utilises AI to understand and comprehend user messages and behaviours and recommend a system app accordingly.

A simple drag of a message from a chat can lead to directions for a nearby coffee shop or quickly add a future meeting to one’s calendar.

For privacy and security, the AI Privacy Call 3.0 feature helps to minimise sound leakage by leveraging the power of AI and Directional Sound Technology so that phone calls can be made without worrying about the call being heard by other people, especially in an elevator or car.

Smartphone users face many challenges daily, and HONOR is keen to continue solving many of these pain points.

From utilising large, crisp displays to reduce eye fatigue to seamless app multitasking and better battery life for full-day usage, HONOR’s AI-powered smartphones are creating a better ecosystem for their users while simultaneously challenging the limitations of what a smartphone can accomplish.

Pricing and Availability

The HONOR Magic6 Pro is available in Black and Epi Green at selected retailers for the recommended retail price of  R27,999.

Click here to visit HONOR’s website for more information.

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