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MTN and government departments improve service delivery in the Eastern Cape

 ·25 Apr 2024

MTN and key Eastern Cape government departments have collaborated extensively to improve service delivery in the province.

These partnerships began in 2021, at the height of the national lockdown, when access to internet connectivity was crucial to facilitating remote work.

By collaborating with MTN, many Eastern Cape departments could access MTN’s world-class mobile network to keep their employees operating at peak productivity levels.

MTN provided, and continues to provide, unlimited access to data for work purposes and on-network voice at prices as low as R500 per month, per employee – delivering incredible value to these government departments.

Collaboration continues

Over the next few years, multiple Eastern Cape departments will grow their collaboration with MTN, adding more ICT solutions and services that will help them to improve service delivery levels at an affordable cost.

Examples of this include:

  • Healthcare professionals receiving tablets and smartphones for remote consultations and communications.
  • Tertiary education students accessing zero-rated websites to access key materials.
  • Young farmers-in-training studying virtually – no matter where in the Eastern Cape their farm is located.

This is all made possible by MTN’s world-class mobile network.

MTN invests billions of rands annually into its nationwide network and, in recent years, has placed a strong focus on less-developed provinces like the Eastern Cape and Limpopo.

For example: Over the last year, MTN invested over R450 million into its Eastern Cape network infrastructure alone.

How MTN can help

Once a government department’s employees have access to MTN’s world-class network, MTN then collaborates with them to move up the digital stack.

A great example of this is Hosted PBX – which leverages MTN’s robust cloud infrastructure to digitalise the outdated call centres and communications infrastructure of many government departments.

Another popular solution is the digitisation of records and data.

Many government departments know the challenges of finding historical data that has not been catalogued and filed accurately.

Using the latest digital systems and its commercial partnerships, MTN can help these departments implement easy-to-use systems that make challenges like this a thing of the past.

MTN and the government – A perfect partnership

MTN is committed to working with the government and building public-private partnerships that enable superior service delivery in the Eastern Cape.

“The partnership between MTN and the Eastern Cape Government departments is a shining example of how public-private sector synergy can drive meaningful change.

By working together, we are enhancing service delivery and bridging the digital divide in our region.

MTN’s expertise in telecommunications and the Government’s commitment to citizen-centric services are combining to bring about significant improvement in the lives of our people.

From improved connectivity to enhanced access to essential services, this collaboration is a testament to the power of collective action.

We look forward to seeing the continued impact of this partnership as we strive to build a more connected and inclusive, and thus more prosperous, Eastern Cape for all”, said Maria van Niekerk, General Manager of MTN in the Eastern Cape Region.

“We have seen great results from our partnerships with the state in the Eastern Cape and are committed to doing even more to play our part in the years to come.”

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