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Africa gears up for an AI future

 ·13 May 2024

A powerful message is resonating across boardrooms in Africa: the future is digital, and it’s powered by CIOs who are embracing cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI to transform businesses, empower workforces, and drive growth.

This focus on digitisation was echoed at the recent IDC CIO Summit, which served as a springboard for African businesses to strategize for an “AI Everywhere” future.

“We understand that this rapid adoption of modern technologies requires a solid underlay of connectivity and security that can support that evolution,” said Sudipto Moitra, General Manager of ICT Solutions in MTN Business.

“Robust networking is essential to enabling the latest hyper speed and IoT technology, while advanced security is paramount to ensuring a safe technology ecosystem for modern business.”

MTN Business participated at the IDC Summit to showcase its comprehensive platforms, designed to equip IT leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Its suite of solutions includes robust next-generation networking through 5G Private Networks, unlocking the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) for real-time data collection and analysis.

MTN Business also has a dedicated AI and Big Data business unit with extensive expertise in helping organisations leverage these tools for data-driven decision-making and innovation.

“A recurring theme emerged: while AI holds immense potential, businesses are now focused on identifying the most critical use cases to drive meaningful adoption,” said Grant van Niekerk, who heads up the IoT Solutions team at MTN Business.

“There was a sense of understanding that deliberate collaboration across partners and end-users is needed as it pertains to AI.”

Key technologies

Cloud migration emerged as a strategic priority, offering businesses the agility and scalability required to handle vast swathes of data.

However, the discussions also acknowledged the evolving security landscape, emphasizing the need for robust protocols and a renewed focus on digital trust.

“We’re excited to see businesses taking a pragmatic approach to AI adoption,” said Thomas Lee, who leads IoT Solutions at MTN Business.

“The summit highlighted the importance of co-creation, with a key concept emerging: ‘Your data + My data = Result.’”

“This collaborative approach underscores the need for solutions tailored to specific use cases, rather than simply selling technology,” said Lee.

Workforce transformation

But technology is just one piece of the puzzle.

The summit underscored the importance of developing a skilled workforce to navigate this digital landscape.

By investing in skills development, African businesses ensure they have the human capital to unlock the full potential of these transformative technologies.

The message from Africa is clear: businesses are embracing digitization with a focus on AI and cloud computing.

By partnering with technology leaders like MTN Business and investing in their workforces, African enterprises are poised to thrive in the AI future.

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