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Introducing the best cybersecurity solution for South African businesses – Judy Security

 ·3 Jun 2024

Judy Security is the ideal choice for South African small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) which need a world-class cybersecurity solution that is easy to implement, manage, and update.

It is an affordable, all-inclusive cybersecurity platform that leverages the latest AI technology to give businesses access to comprehensive protection – no matter their budget.

The Judy Control Centre is the heart of this platform. It consolidates the comprehensive array of Judy Security tools into a single, powerful ecosystem.

Through the Judy Control Centre, your business can handle threat detection, prevention, response, and much more from one intuitive interface.

This functionality is powered by the strategic implementation of cutting-edge AI and machine learning, empowering Judy Security to manage cyber threats intelligently and proactively.

Comprehensive suite of security tools

The Judy Control Centre integrates with all major PSA and RMM systems and includes – but is not limited to – the following cybersecurity services:

  • Multi-factor Authentication – Strengthen access management to lower identity-related risks.
  • Single Sign-on – Access multiple services with one login to enhance user convenience.
  • Passwordless – Eliminate password resets with secure, private password protection.
  • DNS Filtering – Actively protect against malware, phishing, ransomware, and more.
  • Threat Detection and Automation – Secure your data and remain compliant through automated data security protocols.

By combining these critical security tools into a single package, Judy Security can offer a much more affordable product than if a small business had to purchase them all individually.

Adding to these savings is the fact that Judy Security licenses by user rather than by device – ensuring smaller businesses aren’t penalised for employees who use multiple devices.

Judy Team Blue

Judy Team Blue is an additional premium offering from Judy Security that delivers advanced threat monitoring from a team of experts who will protect your systems and create a safer working environment.

Team Blue includes advanced tools like log ingestion, alert and case management, user behaviour analytics, and security information event management.

Below is a full list of Judy’s Blue Team’s features:

  • 24/7 365 monitoring
  • Proactive threat hunting and remediation
  • AI-based response and threat detection
  • Compliance and board governance reporting
  • Log ingestion and retention
  • Automated modules
  • Integration (SaaS, cloud, firewall)
  • User behavioural analytics
  • Alarm investigation and validation

Blue Team is also instantly deployable and has scalable, affordable pricing.

Thanks to its aggressive pricing, extensive features, and AI-rich design, Judy Security is the ultimate choice for South African SMBs to secure their systems against cyber threats.

Click here to begin your Judy Security journey.

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