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Petit Forestier mobile cold storage containers – World-class refrigeration for South African businesses

 ·20 Jun 2024

Petit Forestier – a leader in refrigeration services in South Africa – is running a promotion on its mobile cold storage containers.

If you rent a Petit Forestier mobile cold storage container before 15 July 2024, you will receive the unit’s transportation and first month’s rent for free.

Once the free month is up, you can continue using your container at a highly-competitive rental rate – while benefitting from the best refrigeration capabilities in the market.

Petit Forestier advantage

Petit Forestier’s mobile cold storage containers are market leaders in their segment.

The are available in 6-metre (20-ft) and 12-metre (40-ft) models, and are unrivalled in terms of their quality and reliability.

This is thanks to the containers using the same systems found in Petit Forestier’s industry-leading refrigerated vehicles – which are trusted by hundreds of companies across South Africa.

Petit Forestier mobile cold storage containers offer the following benefits to businesses:

  • New and clean – All containers in South Africa were manufactured in 2023.
  • Unrivalled refrigeration quality – Easy-to-set temperature controls work effectively at all times. 
  • Extensive lighting – View your cold products more effectively, particularly in the dark.
  • Security features – Avoid theft of your valuable refrigerated products.
  • User safety features – Including a button inside the container for an emergency escape.
  • Maintenance – Petit Forestier regularly performs full maintenance on its containers to ensure they operate at peak levels.

Petit Forestier’s rental service for its containers then drastically reduces the financial barrier to access for South African companies.

Instead of building a dedicated cold storage facility at an enormous capex cost, your business can rent containers as your refrigeration needs grow.

This is valuable whether you’re a small business just starting out, or a large, established company that isn’t certain whether it will need refrigeration in the long term.

Extensive use cases

Petit Forestier’s cold storage containers are ideal for multiple use cases and are currently most popular with clients who need to store meat, fruit, and vegetables.

These clients choose Petit Forestier’s containers thanks to their superior refrigeration technologies, which help their food products keep for longer

Many of these clients operate outside of major centres, and having cold storage containers allows them to buy food products in bulk rather than incurring expensive delivery costs every few days.

Another great use case for the Petit Forestier cold storage containers is in the medical sector.

Hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities use Petit Forestier containers to keep vaccines and medications refrigerated.

Thanks to their industry-leading refrigeration capabilities, medical supplies stay usable for longer.

The chemicals used by laboratories benefit in the same way, while farmers can store their produce in cold containers before delivering it to their retail buyers.

The opportunities are endless, so don’t delay – rent a Petit Forestier mobile cold storage container today and get your first month free.

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