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HomeMatch – The new property listing platform taking South Africa by storm

 ·30 Jun 2024

HomeMatch is a fresh online platform for property listings, linking property sellers and landlords with prospective buyers and renters. Their tagline, “Beyond Property,” encapsulates their proactive approach as a listing portal aiming to compete with established industry leaders.

Until the end of August 2024, HomeMatch is providing unrestricted, complimentary property listing exposure. This initiative allows agents and property owners to maximize their visibility through marketing efforts, all without any upfront costs.

The initiative seeks to provide agents and property owners with firsthand experience of the benefits that a new listing portal can offer to their brand.

Helping sellers

HomeMatch was built to make it simple for anyone to list a property and reach a large audience of potential buyers or renters.

The interface for creating listings is user-friendly and approachable, and the Homematch team are on standby and ready to provide further guidance or assistance if needed.

Private property owners also benefit from the platform’s unrivalled simplicity and even playing field, while experienced agents save time and effort when listing their numerous properties.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to list a property on Homematch.

Additionally, once the current free listing promotion ends, listing on Homematch remains extremely affordable.

There is a wide range of listing packages available to suit every user type, from packages that let you list a single property to bulk agent packages that let you list up to 1,000 properties at a reduced rate.

Buyer benefits

Buyers will find it equally simple to search for properties that suit their needs.

This is thanks to the wide range of filters offered by Homematch, which include:

  • Suburb
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages
  • Square meterage
  • Additional features, such as boreholes, gardens, and solar systems.

After selecting the property that suits your requirements, you will have the opportunity to request additional information directly from the listing owner, utilizing unique contact options such as WhatsApp

Buyers will also appreciate the built-in Home Loan Bond Calculator, which estimates what home loans you are eligible for and whether you can afford the properties you are interested in.

Looking to the future

Homematch offers more than just property listings—it includes regularly updated industry news and access to a range of services, from insurance to agent search. With a continuous flow of new initiatives set to launch in the coming months, be sure to stay tuned to the online platform.

Click here to start listing properties with HomeMatch.

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