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 ·10 Jul 2024

Wingu Academy is a leading international online school with a strong reputation for excellence.

It is triply recognised by Pearson Edexcel, Oxford International Curriculum, and the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute – ensuring your child’s full academic potential is unleashed.

This is achieved through comprehensive programmes that are designed to foster critical thinking, computational thinking, problem-solving, and design thinking, ensuring a well-rounded education for your child.

Thanks to the online learning flexibility Wingu Academy offers, it is particularly suitable for students who are high achievers in extra-curricular activities like sports and culture – and need to pursue these passions while keeping up with their academic studies.

We highlight several examples of extraordinary achievers who are students at Wingu Academy, below.

Jade Vorster – Gymnast

Jade Vorster joined a high-performance women’s artistic gymnastics programme at the age of six and trains up to 30 hours a week.

Vorster has frequently medalled at Western Cape and South African gymnastic events, and has been chosen to represent South Africa at the Junior Olympic level.

Willem Van der Merwe – Archer

Willem Van der Merwe made the Namibian National Development Team for archery and participated at the Africa Genesis Archery World Tournament.

He achieved gold medals in Bullseye and the 3D Animal Round in the Namibia Junior Boys Group.

Chloe Nortje – Ballet

Chloe Nortje earned ballet distinctions for two repertoire exams: High distinction for her intermediate RAD ballet exam and an A++ for her first contemporary competition.

She was selected to dance at the Joburg Ballet in 2024 and at the Royal Ballet School in London last year.

Brason Pitchford – Motorcross

Zambia’s Brason Pitchford was chosen to represent his country at the Motorcross Cup of African Nations.

He placed first within the Zambian team and 16th out of 32 riders.

Delante Iannetti – Cricket

Delante Iannetti was selected for the Czech Republic National Women’s Cricket Team in August 2023 and has since represented the team multiple times.

Tapiwa Lwazi Xaba – Social Equality

Tapiwa Lwazi Xaba earned a place in the UWC Redeq 2023 Short Course programme, which is hosted by the United World Colleges Committee in Austria.

Spaces in this programme are difficult to earn and are only allocated to those who demonstrate a passion for and a commitment to pursuing equity for all of society.

Choose Wingu Academy

Wingu Academy is the best online school for your child if they are a high achiever in extra-curricular activities, as proven by the long list of high-achievers above.

If your child needs to to balance their schooling and extra-curricular passion, click here to learn more about Wingu Academy.

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