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OLX reveals significant upgrade for SA

OLX reveals significant upgrade for SA

Online classifieds platform, OLX, has unveiled an overhauled app, and replaced its website and mobile site with a progressive web app (PWA).

The changeover will provide new and existing users an easier, faster, safer, and more local way of buying and selling used goods.

Both buyers and sellers will need to register/login on the platform with verification either via mobile phone or through Facebook.

Users will now have a profile, be able to see who they are talking to, and through Facebook verification, will be able to see if they have any mutual friends in common.

This new layer of security will help to further prevent potential scammers and fraud for OLX users, the group said.

“We are not merely changing the homepage, but overhauling the entire system,” said Sjoerd Nikkelen, OLX’s country manager, South Africa.

OLX has changed the way its products are displayed to users. The listings now appear in an intuitive newsfeed-style layout, similar to social media platforms.

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  • Marcelo

    not sure about this new site, the grid view is so compact and disorganized, it needs serious improvement

  • tebogo mal t

    Please bring back the old OLX it was easier and more accessible please whoever came with this upgrade it’s not ayoba

  • Hubert Gainsford

    Yes I agree! The old OLX site, was much more user, friendly! Cant even find things, you wanted, last month? The new site is surely, not an upgrade!

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