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 ·27 Aug 2012

UniForum SA is set to increase its tariffs and will also shorten the period in which customers can pay for their domain, according to proposed policy changes.

UniForum SA, trading as the ZA Central Registry (ZACR), manages and administers the domain name space.

Over the past two years the ZACR has taken steps to align its domain name registry operating system to international standards by implementing a registration system that is based on the Extensible Provision Protocol (EPP).

EPP is a modern XML-based protocol used to allocate objects within registries over the Internet.

According to UniForum SA, in order to “improve the functionality of the systems and consequently create a robust domain name industry in South Africa”, the pricing structure of both the new EEP system as well as the current legacy system needs to be revised.

The following changes are proposed to be implemented from 1 March 2013:

  • Annual fee will increase from R50.00 to R75.00;
  • Newly created domains will remain suspended until payment is made;
  • Newly created domains will have 30 days to pay;
  • Renewed domains will have 60 days to pay.

These proposed policy changes mean that, should a domain holder not pay their fees within 60 days, they would lose their domain.

The current status of the policy changes is “Awaiting Public Consultation Process” – UniForum ZA urges stakeholders, businesses and the general public to engage and give feedback via the template on its site.

More details about the changes can be found at the registry website.

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