65% of SA households without internet access

Up to 64.8% of households in the country had no access to the internet in 2011 according to new data from Statistics SA.

In releasing the results of its census 2011, the national statistical service of South Africa noted that of those households that had access to the internet, 16.3% accessed it via mobile phone, 8.6% from home, 5.6% from elsewhere and 4.7% from work.

Overall, the census found that SA’s population increased by approximately seven million people, to 51,770,560 between 2001 and 2011. Most are still under the age of 39, Stats SA said.

Split by gender, 26,582,769 are female and 25,188,791 male, while segmented according to race, 41,000,938 (79.2%) are black, 5,586,838 (9.6%) are white, 4,615,401 are coloured, and 1,286,930 are Indian or Asian.

Household Goods

Ownership of a mobile phones, television, refrigerator and computer has increased considerably between Census 2001 and Census 2011.

However, the demand for radios and landline telephones has decreased owing to a rise in the popularity of cellphones.

Stats SA found that household landline ownership declined to 14.5% in 2011, from 23.9% in 2001, while computer ownership improved to 2.14%, from 8.5% in the last survey. The percentage of of households with a mobile phone jumped to 88.9%, from 31.9% in 2011.

The proportion of households with a television increased from 52.6% in 2001 to 74.5% over the last decade, but the percentage of households with a radio declined from 72.1% to 67.5%.

Electricity for lighting

Proportion of households using electricity for lighting increased almost in all provinces with 84.7% of households in South Africa using electricity for lighting. Western Cape had the highest percentage of households using electricity for lighting (93.4%), while Eastern Cape had the lowest (75%).


According to Stats SA, there is a significant decrease in persons with no schooling over the ten years, from 19.0% in 1996 to 8.7% in 2011.

The proportion of persons who completed secondary education (matric) or higher increased from 23.4% in 1996 to 40.5% in 2011.

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65% of SA households without internet access