The cost of Netflix in South Africa vs the rest of the world

Pro-consumer website Comparitech has published a report comparing the cost of Netflix in 78 countries around the world, including South Africa.

The report – Which countries pay the most and least for Netflix? – aims to show where in the world you get the best value for money for the streaming service.

Its findings are based on the total number of titles available in each country, which is then divided into the monthly subscription price to establish each country’s cost per title, per month.

The group found that while customers in the US may have the largest choice of titles on Netflix, they don’t get the best value for money.

“Our study shows a massive disparity when cost per title is analysed between different countries. Due to the cheap price and number of titles available, Canada is actually the most cost-effective country to watch Netflix in, with US and UK customers paying 10% or 13% more per title than Canadian customers, respectively.”

“Not only does the number of available titles vary widely between countries, so too does the value for money customers get from their Netflix subscriptions. With a difference of nearly 100% between the least cost-effective and most cost-effective countries, it’s clear some customers are getting a raw deal,” Comparitech said.

The report showed that the average cost of a title globally is $0.00222, with the average customer paying 57% more per title than Canadian customers, while Danish customers pay 48% more than average.

South Africa sits just outside the top 10 with an average cost of $0.00160 per title, with a total library size of 4,291.

When comparing the cost per month of Netflix around the world, Comparitech found that the cheapest place to watch Netflix is in Brazil.

At a cost per month of $5.24 (£4.02), it’s $2.75 or £1.97 cheaper than the US and UK, respectively – that’s around 40%. South Africa is fifth on the list using this metric, at a cost of $6.85 per month.

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The cost of Netflix in South Africa vs the rest of the world