SA travellers expect free Wi-Fi

 ·13 Aug 2014

A new survey has revealed what travellers want most in an airport experience with access to free Wi-Fi taking top marks.

The survey was conducted by, asking over 6,000 people which facilities they would most like to see in airports around the country, with suggested options ranging from sleeping areas to health, wellness and grooming facilities such as a gym and a spa.

Despite the suggestions, Internet access trumped all with 65% of respondents indicating that mandatory free Wi-Fi should be available.

Currently, all nine of ACSA airports currently offer free Wi-Fi services of either 30 minutes or 50MB of data, through AlwaysOn hotspots.

Once the 30 minutes have lapsed, or 50MB of data limit is reached, users are able to top up the facility on a pay-as-you-go basis.

In terms of other desirable airport features, sleeping areas were the second most-desired, while free transport inside the airport building was the third most popular choice on passengers’ wish lists.

Top 10 most wanted airport features

# Feature %
1 Mandatory free Wi-Fi 65%
2 Sleeping areas 47%
3 Transport to gate/concourse/terminal 39%
4 Airside shower facilities 27%
5 Kids playroom 23%
6 Library 13%
7 Health spa 12%
8 Cinema 11%
9 Games room 9%
10 Gym 6%

According to the survey results, parking fees (72%) are the biggest gripe travelers have with airports in South Africa.

Other gripes include having luggage mishandled by staff (51%), muffled announcements over airport PA systems (36%) – and, of course, a lack of free Wi-Fi available (28%).

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