IT jobs in demand

Specialist information communication technology (ICT) recruiters say that there is big demand for skilled IT professionals – particularly those trained in software development.

Although faced with an unemployment rate of close to 25%, South Africa is seeing massive demand for skills in the ICT sector, largely unaffected by the challenging economic climate.

Recruitment agencies such as Compuways and Insource.ICT are noting a significant amount of positions in the sector that need to filled, ranging from software development to network management.

“Software developers are always most in demand and there is no end in sight,” said Compuways CEO, Arnold Graaff, “the major application development areas are Java, .NET Developers, business or systems analysts.”

“70% of our positions required by clients in the past are related to Software Development, including software developers, business analysts software project managers, 30% technicians with cloud-related skills, infrastructure-oriented,” he said.

Graaff also highlighted a strong demand for web developers, primarily due to the “explosive growth” of mobile and smartphone operationg systems, as well as the movement of a number of IT services to cloud-based services.

“Here we are looking at growth areas in HTML5, JavaScript and PHP at the forefront. The attractiveness of HTML5 and JavaScript is that very serious software solutions, with rich graphics front-ends, are now developed to run in any browser and makes it more operating-systems independent. PHP has always been dominant in the Web Development arena.”

Graaf continued, saying that there is also demand for project managers to manage the software development teams.

“IT Security skills are in demand due to the move of sensitive data to the cloud, and also because of the general growth in the ICT industry,” he said.

Susan Rousseau, client development manager at ICT recruitment agency, Insource.ICT, said that the agency was seeing demand for skilled IT people to fill positions in software development, architecture, business analysis, high-end network infrastructure and IT management.

In terms of these high-demand skills areas, she highlighted that software development houses, financial services and the telecoms sectors are currently employing the most people.

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IT jobs in demand