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Inside the Cape Town home that just sold for R290 million

Inside the Cape Town home that just sold for R290 million

A house in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, has just sold for a mind-bending R290 million – making it one of the most expensive residential purchases in the country.

The sale was done through Cape property group Dogon Property, which sold the luxury home to a German couple, who will be using it as a holiday home.

The 2,000 square metre property is on a 5,000 square metre piece of land – which includes the two 1,000 square metre empty plots on either side, which were purchased to ensure the home’s privacy.

It offers seven bedrooms, staff quarters, a swimming pool, and offers 360 degree views of the top of Bantry Bay. As an added bonus, the sale of the house includes two luxury vehicles – a Porsche Cayenne and an Aston Martin DB9.

The house was built and completed in 2014, designed by architects SAOTA.

According to Philip Olmesdahl, director at SAOTA who led the project team on the house, “key to the design, was balancing exposure to the 360 degree views with the need for privacy, and respecting the Table Mountain National Park which forms the southern boundary of the site”.

“As the site borders with the national park, a decision was made to restrict the main building to two storeys. The contours of the steep and visible site were respected in the design, with sensitive massing and minimal excavating,” he said.

The house has won numerous local and international awards including, most recently, the popular vote category in the international 2016 Architizer A+Award for private houses over 500m², as well as the 2016 Lafarge Artevia Decorative Concrete Awards, in the category: House with a view.

The full gallery of the house and its design can be found on the SAOTA web page.

Photo credits: Adam Letch

SAOTA Bantry Bay 1 SAOTA Bantry Bay 3 SAOTA Bantry Bay 4 SAOTA Bantry Bay 10

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  • Nadim

    That parking garage puts things into perspective. Wow.

    • James Dean

      There’s a guy here in East London that’s got virtually every super car imaginable and then some.

  • James Dean

    I see the fire pool but where’s the cattle kraal and chicken run?

  • Willow

    Now that is what R290 million buys..slightly better than a slimy looking pool and a few rondawels.

  • The_Splurge

    Owner sold and moved into a council flat in the UK.
    The rand does not go far in the civilized world.

    • tish007

      Where would that civilised world be? The ones at war all the time?

      • Brenden Engelbrecht

        The ones were “war” is not Tuesday at Checkers 😀

  • Steady_B2k

    Not bad if you have roughly 20 million Dollars and just want to use it a holiday home.
    On the whole stunning.

    • Razmataz

      You’re right. Considering what this kind of house goes for in NY it’s a bargain.

  • Valentine Masina

    Holiday Home…. Please allow me to live inside before holidays … I bet these guys are white #justsaying they could be purple 🙂

    • Skerminkel

      They are German. What colour is that?

      • black red and white

        • DudeWithPetLeopard

          White? Where?

      • DudeWithPetLeopard

        They could be any colour.

    • Skerminkel

      Comment edited much?

    • hatemale

      Wow, that was a really racist thing to say

  • Cheesy 3.0

    I wonder if the new owners need a housecat. Oh wait .. they are Germans…

    • Mikhael Rowe

      Be glad they’re not Chinese, you’d be supper, lol.

      • Rockafella247

        Ha ha ha…

  • Pieter

    Can you imagine what their rates and taxes will be based on the value of the property?

    • Steady_B2k

      That’s roughly 15000 rand per month

      • Shreez

        I doubt that.
        I’ve got a buddy in the Hawaan Estate in Umhlanga.
        His stand is around 600m and his rates and taxes are around R8k+.
        You’re looking at tens of thousands for rates and taxes – especially at this exclusive area.

  • Steady_B2k

    Rates and taxes roughly 15 grand per month. That certainly won’t be a issue for our German holidaymaker.

    • Nomo2

      that can pay a bond for an entry level home

      • DudeWithPetLeopard

        Entry level? Where?

        • Nomo2

          entry level homes in DBN surbubs like Glenwood/Glenmore/Manor Gardens goes for 1.5m. 15k you mentioned we’ll pay the bond.

  • Sennen Goroshi

    I wanna be their garden boy.. I’m sure they can pay me R50K a month

    • tish007

      That’s optimistic. I believe they don’t tip in our restaurants. Maybe explains why they can afford those house prices.

  • lizbit

    This is what is wrong with the world, how can one justify this with starving people in the world.

    • Silver King

      I present you the human race. That being said there are many people who scarifies allot to help others. Rather praise them.

    • Skerminkel

      If the property value is really that much (meaning it can be sold at a profit again), the investment is not wasted. The value is still there. Same as investing in shares, a new business or a block of flats. In that case the owners are only “paying” for their holiday with the interest lost by not generating a continuous income from the investment.
      Spending R250 bar on a property that is worth 5% of that and raping the government coffers for it – now that is a crime against the poor.

    • Selwyn

      It is like when I was little and my mom said to me : “Finish your lunch, there are children starving in Etheopia!”. Go figure that logic!!. It is geography and what you do or who’s your daddy. or it was luck ,brains,or hard work. Good luck to the guy.

    • Morgan

      Is your thought pattern so shallow? Think about all the people that worked on building this house and the fact that they were able to put food on the table for their families?
      Thought about it yet? Ok now stop being so shallow about money, the best way to stop people starving is by having the wealthy people spend their money.

  • NosySnoopy

    Now that’s nice! I love the garage and I love the view!
    If I want to buy a place like that I need to trim back on some of my spending. I guess I have to cancel my DSTV subscription to start with.

    • Razmataz


    • Rockafella247

      LOL . Now that is a good one.

  • Skerminkel

    That’s not a Cayenne in the picture.

    • Dan

      Correct, but also no one said those pictured there, are the two cars that were included in the deal

      • Razmataz

        Very nice of you to explain that to him. I would have made him sit in the corner and think about what he’d just said.

        • Very nice of you to explain that to Dan. I would have let him sit in the corner and think about what he’d just said as well.

          • JJ

            Go sit in the corner and think about what you just said!

      • Kgololosego

        the porsche should be the first thing he gets rid off

  • Lone Stranger

    Beautiful place. I just can’t see how R290 Million can justify this house. I would believe have said that it must at least be worth R80 Million – R100 Million.

    • Matthew Holliday

      location location location.
      360 degree views in the most expensive area in the southern half of South Africa?

      Thats bound to cost you

    • tish007

      I would agree. Why R290m. Who is responsible for chasing up our property prices like that. Our youth is pushed out of the market. Not even in Beverley Hills do they match these prices, if you worked and lived there.
      Google “The lie we live”

      • Selwyn

        When will people realize that a Nettleton Rd pad or a Mansion in Sandton is going to have no effect on the price of a cottage in Woodstock or a semi detached in Bloemfontein, But it will have an effect by the spending capacity of these new owners in SA—-and probably create 5 or 6 more jobs, — maybe with accomodation on site

    • Klaus Muller

      13 &1/2 million euros, expensive but not overly, remember Rand currency now pretty useless

    • Fireprufe15

      But it has a firepool!

  • bengine

    I used to live there but after a while you realise that slumming is not all it is cut out to be …

    • literally…above the law

      • PFire86

        Off topic, same Rid1 from PCFormat forums all those years ago?

        • Same one…i’m one of two spammers left at pcf…

        • Which one were you?

  • Seak

    Holiday home. That’s blesser level 9😂

  • Cheesy 3.0

    I can see why the Germans liked it – it is very square.

  • This has a smaller firepool, but still a million times nicer than Nkandla!

  • Black_Hat

    Zuma could have brought such n place. But no.. mudd huts are better.

  • slitza

    as a student in architectur, i cant help but feel conflicted.
    1. Its deemed a valuable property and thus a financial asset to the country
    2. it makes use of exorbitant or poor means of energy use by having an elevator and lighting purely for decorative use, which is wasteful.

    mixed emotions about things made like this

  • tish007

    With outrageous prices such as these, which do not justify, it might be a good idea to Google “the lie we live”.

  • Mikhael Rowe

    Waste of space isn’t it? A fire pool next to the ocean? Guvment thinking that.

  • Shane Barker

    you are all missing the real point : WHAT WAS THE SALESPERSON COMMISSION

    • Wesley Green

      R14,5mil if its the usual 5%. happy days for them

      • Steady_B2k

        Wow that salesperson can retire comfortably. Is that correct? 14.5Mil

    • Selwyn

      About 1/4 % or about R725,000 and may have to share with bosses —Dogon Group.But probably also had a free trip to Europe

  • Bernard Rother

    Funny how people’s tastes differ…. I’d be more than happy with a little stone cabin on that same plot …with a wood burning fire place 🙂

  • Are the cars included? Or: if you are a plutocrat, you probably don’t care. You can get 2 like that every week when your dog has farted in them.

    • DrKiller

      They are included

  • fourijm

    Cheap cars

  • Wyzak

    Uh oh, Number one is going to want an upgrade now.

  • Visionery1 .

    Something’s wrong here. R290million for a holiday house, while on the other side of the mountain people live in squalour, have no running or hot water and get raped/mugged/killed when they go to the toilet at night. Sooner or later the masses are going to rise up and march on the super-rich. One must really wonder how the German couple earn their keep, and how much of their ‘income’ is declared to the German tax authorities.

    • Halaster


  • Hennie

    Even the garage look like you could eat your food off the floor.

  • AltMusicLuvr

    Do the cars come in any other color?

    • Colonel Jack

      Yes, but then you’d have to buy directly from the dealer.

  • Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov

    “You people have too much money!”

  • DrKiller

    Damn I missed this deal! Wasn’t advertised properly

  • Selwyn

    When estate agents use a cats eye lenses make a poky place look bigger, I annoyingly understand but still hate it. Why oh why distort this magnificent home with this cheap trick. I think it is silly. And it only cost 13 odd million Quid. No big deal in Europe or UK. but it is a lot of house. Mr New Owner —enjoy it and spend lots of money in SA

  • tish007

    I am a property developer by trade. I worked in the upend of the market, if not in Nettleton or Bantry Bay, but even I cannot justify a ludicrous price such as this. Just because something is, doesn’t mean it has to be. It is the estate agents responsible for this nonsense, chasing their commissions. What else?? What about SA’ns who cannot enjoy the beauty of their own country with these unaffordable prices. Well the pound is taking a pounding, maybe the markets will start speaking for itself, when each country can start controlling their own currency and not be THAT dependent on inflated currencies.

  • tish007

    Look at the new prices emerging in Woodstock, it would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

  • ThatConfucius

    Damn… German couple? Few would-be ministers must be peeved off that they won’t summonsed to this lap of luxury…

    • LBS

      Holiday home, nogal.

  • Penellope Jones

    Good grief!!

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