Skilled South Africans looking for ways to get out of the country

Immigration consultant at Compass Migration, Emma Waldorf says that current conditions in South Africa are pushing skilled South Africans – particularly the younger generation – to look at options for moving out of the country.

According to Waldorf, as an immigration consultant she speaks to young professionals each day, and the general feeling among those seeking options to move out of South Africa is one of frustration and uncertainty.

A weak economy, a volatile rand, high rates of unemployment, and what few jobs there are, are unable to pay high enough salaries to allow young people to build a life for themselves.

These are the key worries pushing young skilled South Africans to look offshore for their futures, Waldorf said.

The recent ratings cuts to junk status, and the past week’s announcement that South Africa is officially in a recession, were the straws that broke the camel’s back, so to speak – leading to an increase in queries from South Africans looking at their emigration options.

The immigration specialist said that two countries consistently pop up among South Africans looking to move overseas: Canada and Australia.

The appeal of these countries is on a number of levels, Waldorf said:

  • They have workforce shortages, where skilled workers are needed
  • They have a steady economy
  • There is job security
  • There is political stability
  • They offer state benefits such as free healthcare, social security, free public education etc
  • There are prospects for future growth

“It comes as no surprise why our talented, young adults are seeking options abroad,” Waldorf said.

Citizenship planning consultancy, Henley & Partners recently shared that South Africa’s recent economic woes also led to an increase in wealthy South Africans “assessing alternatives” in earnest.

The group said that current trends are really just an uptick on what has been a steadily growing local interest in investment migration over the last few years.

It pointed out that it was this rising demand for alternative citizenship that prompted Henley & Partners to launch a regional branch in SA towards the end of 2016.

Interest in emigration shot up 250% when president Jacob Zuma announced his most recent cabinet reshuffle.

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Skilled South Africans looking for ways to get out of the country