Insurance loyalty programmes compared: Sanlam Reality vs Discovery Vitality vs Momentum Multiply

SAcsi has published its latest South African Consumer Satisfaction Index, focusing on rewards programmes offered by the country’s top insurance providers – namely Sanlam, Discovery and Momentum.

According to the index, South African consumers highlighted Sanlam’s Reality rewards programme as having the highest satisfaction, with a score of 71.9, compared to an industry average of 69.6.

Discovery Vitality achieved a score of 70.6, which was in line with the average, while the Momentum Multiply score of 66.4 was below industry average.

Rewards Programme Satisfaction Score
Sanlam Reality 71.9
Discovery Vitality 70.6
Industry average 69.6
Momentum Multiply 66.4

“South African consumers are more informed and empowered through online channels, with many more loyalty programmes options available today than ever,” said SAcsi founder, professor Adré Schreuder.

“A recent study showed that consumers, on average, participate in six or more loyalty programmes, and one third of them belong to more than 10 programmes.”

With approximately 70 active loyalty programmes available in South Africa, the best performing ones are those that offer a positive overall service level and make earning points and redemption as efficient as possible, Schreuder said.

The SAcsi satisfaction score is based on brands exceeding or falling short of customer expectations and the respondents’ idea of the ideal service to achieve an overall result out of 100 – it also tracks brand loyalty among consumers.

According to the survey, Discovery Vitality members are the most loyal, with 68.3% of them willing to stick with the brand, compared to an industry score of 65.3%, which is indicative of the wider appeal of the broad based Discovery Vitality programme covering Insurance and Medical. In comparison, 65.9% of Sanlam Reality members and 61.6% of Momentum Multiply members are loyal.

Although Sanlam Reality clients are the most satisfied, they experienced the most problems with the service and the rewards programme had the highest complaint incidence, while Discovery Vitality had the lowest. The Momentum Multiply complaint incidence was just below average, but it had the best complaint handling of the three brands.

Here’s what the schemes offer:

Sanlam Reality

Sanlam Reality is a lifestyle and rewards programme available to all Sanlam and Santam clients and members of Bonitas Medical Fund, Fedhealth Medical Aid, Barloworld Medical Scheme and Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme.

Members get special offers on selected Sanlam products, save money on wellness, travel and entertainment, and are rewarded for financially responsible behaviour by earning tier points.

The scheme costs R195 per month to subscribe to, and offers discounts on Sanlam’s wealth products, health facilities and entertainment and travel options.

Some examples include:

  • 60% to 80% off gym membership
  • Up to 30% off flights on selected airlines
  • 30 3D or 2D movies a month
  • 1GB of free data a month
  • And others

As with most rewards programmes, the benefits operate on a tiered system, where members need to earn a certain amount of points to move to the next tier of rewards. For Reality, points are earned through doing health checks, attending gym, making use of Sanlam’s financial products and interacting with the company through select channels.

Discovery Vitality

Discovery Vitality is one of the more well-known rewards programmes in South Africa.

The programme also operates on a tiered system that offers increasingly beneficial rewards as you move up the ladder. The scheme rewards you for living well by encouraging you to exercise regularly, eat well and do relevant health checks.

You start Vitality at Blue Vitality status. Every time you complete healthy activities, like going for a health check, buying healthy food and getting physically active, you can earn Vitality points and increase your Vitality status. The tiers are Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold, with a special Diamond status reserved for those who reach Gold status three years in a row.

Some of the benefits Vitality offers include:

  • Save up to 35% on local and international flights
  • Save up to 35% at over 500 hotels, lodges, resorts and bed and breakfasts
  • Up to 25% cash back on thousands of HealthyFood items at either Pick n Pay or Woolworths
  • Up to 100% cash back on your gym fees when you achieve your monthly goals
  • As well as discounts on health and fitness gear.

Vitality costs R239 a month for Discovery insurance members to be a part of.

Momentum Multiply

Multiply is the Momentum health rewards programme that also tries to direct members into living healthy lifestyles. As with Sanlam Reality and Discovery Vitality, it offers discounts and cash back with various partners – including Edgars, Pick n Pay, Mango – as well as on Momentum products.

The price for joining Multiply is free (for anyone on a Momentum insurance product) to R221 for the premier option.

The premier scheme gives the best discounts and cash-backs on Momentum products as well as exclusive partner discounts, such as:

  • Up to 50% off Mango flights
  • A fixed 25% off your gym membership
  • Up to 25% off at Edgars
  • Up to 12% back in Smart Shopper points on everything in a Pick n Pay trolley
  • Access to the biggest discounts on the Multiply online shop

The full rewards breakdown can be found here.

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Insurance loyalty programmes compared: Sanlam Reality vs Discovery Vitality vs Momentum Multiply