These are the most respected jobs in the world

 ·24 Nov 2018

The Varkey Foundation and the University of Sussex has released its latest Global Teacher Status Index for 2018, which gives insights into the world of teaching in 35 countries across the globe.

According to the report, there is a growing shortage of skilled teachers around the world, with its findings showing that even in countries like the US, highly qualified graduates are less likely to pursue teaching as a career.

A central objective of the study was to understand how teachers are respected in different countries and what their social standing is.

This was done by looking at teachers’ salaries, as well as their hourly workload and whether the performance of children on comparable educational tests across many countries of the world is correlated with teachers’ salaries.

To determine the social standing of the teaching profession, survey respondents were asked to rank 14 occupations in a restricted and ‘forced’ list in order of how, in their view, people undertaking those occupations are respected in their country.

All respondents were obliged to rank all occupations in the on-line questionnaire.

The list of occupations are:

  • Primary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Head teacher
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Librarian
  • Local government manager
  • Social worker
  • Website designer
  • Policeman
  • Engineer
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Management consultant

These were the results:

The occupations were deliberately chosen as graduate or graduate perceived jobs which require broadly similar qualifications in terms of completing ‘high school’ and also undertaking further university or tertiary education or professional equivalent qualifications.

The occupations were also carefully selected with respect to how similar or dissimilar the work might be – but also how perceptions of these occupations may differ according to whether they are in the private commercial sector or in the public sector.

“By giving respondents a variety of alternative professions, we were able to extract a precise relative ranking of occupations,” the researchers said.

The Varkey report also looked at how teachers were remunerated around the world.

While South Africa was not part of the study, there is enough information available to calculate the relative cost and where we fit in.

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