Bonitas medical aid price changes for 2022

South Africa’s second-largest open medical aid scheme, Bonitas, has announced a weighted average increase of 4.8% for its medical plans in 2022.

Increases will vary across the group’s packages, with the BonStart premium contribution fee decreasing by 7.9%. This can be attributed to the low cost versus benefits ratio and the younger membership profile on the plan, Bonitas said.

The scheme has 338,751 principal members and 722,943 total beneficiaries.

The group said it will offer a total of 15 plans for 2022, comprising traditional, savings, hospital, edge (virtual), network and income-based plans, each appealing to different target markets.

Price changes range from minus -7.9% to +6.5%. Bonitas said it opted to increase its options which are currently in a growth phase – BonSave, BonFit and BonEssential – by only 3.6%.

The average increase of 4.8% is close to the recommendation from the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), which recommended medical aid increases be in line with CPI of 4.2%.

Bonitas said that its average – a little over that value – is based on the CMS’ caveat that financial stability and sustainability of schemes remain a priority. The group is using R600 million of its reserves to keep price increases down.

New offerings being introduced include an additional virtual plan, BonStart Plus; a renewed focus on Managed Care with an oncology management programme; as well as an enhanced member app, powered by AMP, which includes a personalised wellness programme to encourage healthier behaviour, the group said.

This is how contributions will change for 2022:

Plan 2021 price (principal) 2022 price (principal) Change
BonComprehensive R7 715 R8 217 +6.5%
BonClassic R5 330 R5 677 +6.5%
BonComplete R4 291 R4 570 +6.5%
BonSave R2 847 R2 950 +3.6%
BonFit Select R2 152 R2 230 +3.6%
BonStart R1 452 R1 338 -7.9%
BonStart Plus (New) R1 670
Standard R4 044 R4 230 +4.6%
Standard Select R3 859 R3 822 +6.5%
Primary R2 537 R2 654 +4.6%
Primary Select R2 180 R2 322 +6.5%
Hospital Standard R2 434 R2 592 +6.5%
BonEssential R1 962 R2 033 +3.6%
BonEssential Select R1 675 R1 784 +6.5%
BonCap R0-R700 (New) R780
BonCap R701-R9,430 (Revised) R1 212 R1 274 +5.1%
BonCap R9,431-R15,320 (Revised) R1 434 R1 507 +5.1%
BonCap R15,321-R19,930 (Revised) R2 311 R2 429 +5.1%
BonCap R19,931+ R2 837 R2 982 +5.1%

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Bonitas medical aid price changes for 2022