The most expensive private schools in South Africa in 2024 – with one now at R400,000 a year

 ·14 Jan 2024

Private schools in South Africa have hiked fees for 2024, with at least six now charging more than R350,000 a year for boarding and tuition.

Hilton College in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands retains its title as the most expensive school in the country, with its annual fees (which only allows for boarding) at R397,660 for 2024 – up 7.5% from last year.

When BusinessTech first began to track the most expensive schools in 2014, Hilton College was the only school priced over R200,000 for boarding and tuition. In 2024, Hilton College will have almost doubled this figure.

In 2024, six elite schools now exceed R350,000 for tuition and boarding – a title Hilton College held alone in 2023.

MichaelHouse, St Andrew’s College in Makhanda, Roedean School for Girls, St John’s College, and Kearsney College have joined the R350,000-plus club.

2022 marked the first time a private school in South Africa passed the R200,000 mark for day school learners.

In 2024, there are now three, with Kearsney College now charging R240,900 for tuition – followed by St John’s College (R206,768) and Roedean School for Girls (R203,607) in Johannesburg.

Fees for day schoolers increased at an average of 7.3% across the schools we assessed, though the range is quite wide – from an increase of 2.3% at one school to hikes up to almost 9.7% at another. Among the top 10 most expensive schools, the hikes were around 6.7%.

For boarding schools, a similar pattern was seen, with an average increase of around 7.3% and the upper end at 9.4%.

The price hikes are higher than inflation in 2023, which ended the year at 5.5% in November, which could be a concern for those entering into the new year under the financial strain experienced in 2023.

Note: The fees listed below are as they appear on the various schools’ web pages and cover termly board and/or annual tuition only. Fees are for the highest level of learning available (up to grade 12). We’ve included the annual increase for schools where we have historical data. Lists are not comprehensive as some schools have not publicly published 2024 fee schedules.

Boarding schools

Hilton College
SchoolLocation2023 fees2024 fees%
HiltonHilton, KZNR369 920R397 6607.5%
MichaelHouseBalgowan, KZNR347 680R368 0005.8%
St Andrew’s CollegeMakhanda, ECR340 869R363 8796.8%
Roedean School for GirlsJohannesburg, GPR338 428R360 0876.4%
St John’s CollegeJohannesburg, GPR331 091R352 6126.5%
Kearsney CollegeBotha’s Hill, KZNR326 480R350 1307.2%
Bishops CollegeCape Town, WCR311 960R341 4309.4%
St Mary’sJohannesburg, GPR313 990R335 4706.8%
St Alban’s CollegePretoria, GPR307 350R328 9207.0%
Diocesan School for GirlsMakhanda, ECR299 100R323 0408.0%
St Andrew’s School for Girls, SenderwoodJohannesburg, GPR299 000R320 6807.3%
Kingswood CollegeMakhanda, ECR292 710R318 2108.7%
St Stithians CollegeJohannesburg, GPR280 065R302 4708.0%
St Anne’s Diocesan CollegeHilton, KZNR272 112R293 3407.8%
St David’s Marist InandaJohannesburg, GPR269 910R292 8408.5%
Crawford College North CoastBallito, KZNR269 400R290 1007.7%
Somerset CollegeStellenbosch, WCR265 600R285 5007.5%
Epworth High School for GirlsPietermaritzburg, KZNR261 757R282 5017.9%
St Benedict’s CollegeJohannesburg, GPR260 670R281 8548.1%
Bridge HouseFranschhoek, WCR264 600R281 7506.5%
Durban Girls’ CollegeDurban, KZNR255 700R274 2007.2%
Herschel Girls SchoolCape Town, WCR252 410R271 7807.7%
Wykeham CollegaitePietermaritzberg, KZNR268 600
Treverton CollegeMooi River, KZNR249 056R263 9966.0%
Uplands CollegeWhite River, MPR247 500R262 2005.9%
St Charles CollegePietermaritzburg, KZNR243 900R260 9507.0%
St Martin’s CollegeJohannesburg, GPR235 000R246 7505.0%
Woodridge CollegeThornhill, ECR229 389R247 7408.0%

Day schools

Kearsney College
SchoolLocation2023 fees2024 fees%
Kearsney CollegeBotha’s Hill, KZNR224 620R240 9007.3%
St John’s CollegeJohannesburg, GPR194 148R206 7686.5%
Roedean School for GirlsJohannesburg, GPR191 181R203 6076.5%
Bishops CollegeCape Town, WCR185 020R199 6507.9%
St Mary’s, WaverlyJohannesburg, GPR176 640R189 8807.5%
Crawford College SandtonJohannesburg, GPR178 000R189 5706.5%
King David High SchoolJohannesburg, GPR174 360R188 1607.9%
St Alban’s CollegeJohannesburg, GPR174 750R187 0207.0%
Clifton SchoolDurban, KZNR179 119R186 4264.1%
Kingsmead CollegeJohannesburg, GPR170 365R181 4406.5%
Cedarwood SchoolJohannesburg, GPR168 272R177 5265.5%
Crawford College La LuciaDurban, KZNR165 000R175 7306.5%
St Stithians CollegeJohannesburg, GPR161 480R174 4108.0%
St David’s Marist InandaJohannesburg, GPR160 230R174 3408.8%
St Andrew’s School for Girls, SenderwoodJohannesburg, GPR161 095R172 9907.4%
Crawford College LonehillJohannesburg, GPR162 000R172 5306.5%
SAHETIJohannesburg, GPR159 115R169 4586.5%
Crawford College PretoriaTshwane, GPR159 000R169 3406.5%
Beaulieu CollegeJohannesburg, GPR157 676R168 7147.0%
Redhill SchoolJohannesburg, GPR162 500R166 2502.3%
St Benedict’s CollegeJohannesburg, GPR150 670R162 7248.0%
St Andrew’s CollegeMakhanda, ECR152 364R162 6486.7%
Kingswood CollegeMakhanda, ECR150 900R162 2107.5%
Diocesan School for GirlsMakhanda, ECR149 858R161 8498.0%
Herzlia High SchoolCape Town, WCR148 800R161 0048.2%
St Anne’s Diocesan CollegePietermaritzburg, KZNR147 060R158 5407.8%
Brescia HouseJohannesburg, GPR148 105R157 6456.4%
St Charles CollegePietermaritzburg, KZNR143 100R153 5007.3%
Somerset CollegeStellenbosch, WCR141 300R151 9007.5%
Bridge HouseFranschhoek, WCR142 600R151 8006.5%
Woodridge CollegeThornhill, ECR145 975R151 3473.7%
Crawford College North CoastBallito, KZNR142 000R151 2306.5%
Durban Girls’ CollegeDurban, KZNR140 800R151 0007.2%
Herschel Girls’ SchoolCape Town, WCR136 300R148 4008.9%
St Peter’s College, SunninghillJohannesburg, GPR139 866R146 9125.0%
Michael Mount Waldorf SchoolJohannesburg, GPR129 511R142 0759.7%
Holy Rosary SchoolJohannesburg, GPR134 965R140 0508.9%
Uplands CollegeWhite River, MPR129 500R137 2005.9%
Oak Hill CollegeKnysna, WCR128 065R136 5656.6%
Crawford College RuimsigRuimsig, GPR126 000R134 1906.5%
Epworth High School for GirlsPietermaritzburg, KZNR124 755R134 1127.5%
Wykeham CollegaitePietermaritzberg, KZNR133 800
Treverton CollegeMooi River, KZNR121 116R128 3806.0%
St Martins CollegeJohannesburg, GPR120 000R126 0005%

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