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CEO left red-faced after Rich List typo

CEO left red-faced after Rich List typo

Famous Brands claims that an error in the Sunday Times rich list has caused its former CEO, Kevin Hedderwick, “significant distress and embarrassment”.

The listed company is a leading quick-service and casual dining restaurant franchisor, with brands including Wimpy, Mugg & Bean, Tashas, Steers, and Debonairs Pizza in its stable.

Famous Brands pointed to what it claimed was a “serious error” contained in the Business Times’ Rich List, published on 11 December 2016, in which it said it was stated that Hedderwick earned a salary of R45.991 million.

“This figure should in fact be R4.591 million, as reflected in the Group’s Annual Financial Statements published on 19 June 2015.

“This error has caused Mr Hedderwick significant distress and embarrassment and reflects negatively on the remuneration policies and practices of the group,” Famous Brands said.

Hedderwick is currently a strategic advisor for Famous Brands, having retired as chief executive in February.

The company highlighted the potentially damaging impact the typo could have on its reputation and called for the paper to issue an apology and correction.

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  • Madimetsha

    Is this an apology? wait, BT just copied and pasted, without validating

  • Jan Vosloo

    Better correct that typo before the in-laws calculates his lebola.

    • john speck

      Our country has a big disparity in income ,at least he doesnt
      take home the astronomical income some of our businesess
      leaders do,

  • BallsToTheWall

    “Red faced”, “distressed”, “embarrassment”….

    Yeah, R45.991 mill versus R4.591 mill…Either way, I still can’t reconcile with the 3 terms used above (red faced etc.)…

    Small typo problem to have there Kev Hedderwick…:-)

    • Kagiso

      When I saw the title I thought they may have misspelled is surname. Like Harderdick or something. But we all have our thresholds.

      • Selwyn

        Also thougt an oops in the name or something.
        Get over it Kev !!! It is a typo thats all. Its not like you are chatting up a chick and she laughs ‘cos your fly is open.

    • MarvinTheParanoidAndroid

      Depends on what the maintenance officer was told about his income and what the maintenance officer read in the newspaper about his income.

  • Chez

    Poor old Kev: Have a voucher on me at Mugg n Bean! 🙂

    • Chichi


  • Now this is a first world problem! Wipe your tears with your millions…. all R 45.991 mil

  • CltrAltDelicious

    Fair enough…

  • Chris

    “This error has caused Mr Hedderwick significant distress and embarrassment” I suppose he thought that SARS would come and visit?

    • Selwyn

      No! What was happening was No 1 was reading to the typist

  • DumbSA

    Shame man. Typos like that deserve remuneration. Maybe he should sue for R41,4m.

  • Kagiso

    I wasn’t even on the list! Imagine how that made me feel.

    • Rico Smith

      I hear you man. I hear you.

  • YouDontEvenKnowMe

    White people problems

    • Adam Normal

      And what are the black peoples problems? How to make more babies?

      • YouDontEvenKnowMe

        Basically everything else

        • Adam Normal

          That’s why we have the whole Government, Parliament, public service, State Owned Enterprises management and employees, etc… that are all crooked and bribable.

          That’s why Guptas have captured SA, because blacks are only interested in everything else?

  • Mohamed Patel

    He wouldn’t be complaining if their payroll department made the same mistake.

  • bengine

    welcome to the Popeye club …

  • Graham Downs

    On the one hand, this is very funny. #RichPeopleProblems 😛

    On the other, I can see his point. If people believe he earned ten times what he really did… that’s a lot of animosity coming his way. And the press SHOULD be held to account for publishing fake, misleading, or incorrect news.

    Of course, I personally don’t pay attention to lists of what people earn, because I don’t believe it’s any of my business. But each to his own; if you’re going to report on it, at least make sure your reporting is right!

  • Muaaz Asmal

    No need to show off with money Mr Hedderwick!
    If you are rich , why do you need the whole country to know?

    • Peter

      He didn’t publish the article. He was merely correcting it.

  • MP3

    To be honest, no one actually cares because it makes no difference to anyone in the lower & middle class lives. None.

    But SARS should investigate him.

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