South Africa’s best ads for 2016, the trade news website that covers the South African advertising and marketing industry, has released its annual Ad of the Year countdown for 2016.

First Kiss by Y&R Cape Town for the Western Cape Government’s Safely Home campaign, was rated as the best advert for 2016.

First Kiss is a road-safety ad that brings home, in graphic detail, just why it’s important for everyone, including backseat passengers, to be strapped in with seatbelts.

“The story sucks you in, as it features a likeable young man who meets a young woman at a party,” said MarkLives columnist and CEO of brand intelligence firm, Ornico, Oresti Patricios.

“The couple hits it off, and there is desire in the air. Their attempts at having a kiss are thwarted by other people, and eventually it’s time for the party to end. The young woman accepts a lift in the same car, and they are together in the back seat. Just when they are about to sneak that first kiss, the car is involved in an accident, and at this point the mood changes from romantic to horrifying.

“The man is thrown around the car and collides with the driver and front passenger, with brutal force. Glass shards fly as the man tries to stop himself from flying through the windscreen. The shock of another impact forces him back and the slow-motion ‘kiss’ as his face collides with the young woman’s face is an ironic twist to the tale. The final scene reveals that all four people in the car are dead, and it was all due to the one passenger — the young man — who was not buckled up.”

MarkLives top 10 ads for 2016:

1. First Kiss by Y&R Cape Town for Safely Home

2. Iziko Slave Calendar by Geometry Global Cape Town for Iziko Slave Lodge Museum

3. Twitter Refugees by NATIVE VML for PASSOP

4. Promaths by Y&R SA for Investec

5. Define Tomorrow by Net#work BBDO for Unisa

Joint 6.  The Girl Who Rewrote Her Future by T+W for Absa and AfrikaTikkun

Joint 6.  Social Test Drive by Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town for VW Amarok

Joint 6. jetloveyourself by Joe Public for Jet

Joint 6. Post and Drive by DDB SA for Honda Motor Southern Africa

Joint 6. InstaGlad by DDB SA for Glad South Africa


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