Outa lays criminal charges against Hlaudi Motsoeneng

The Organisation Against Tax Abuse (Outa) has opened a criminal case against Hlaudi Motsoeneng, several ex-SABC board members as well as managers at the public broadcaster on charges including fraud, misrepresentation and racketeering.

The allegations levelled against Motsoeneng include fraud and misrepresentation relating to his qualifications, citing that he refused and/or neglected to supply the SABC with his matric certificate when requested.

Outa has the expressed view that everyone who knew of Motsoeneng’s misrepresentation, shared the common purpose of looking the other way instead of dealing with it, even after it was confirmed.

The SABC management continued to ignore Motsoeneng’s misrepresentation, whilst affording him promotions, salary increases and new appointments within the SABC, Outa argued.

“We will no longer allow those guilty of abusing authority just being moved to new positions of power within government structures. Outa is serious about attacking the root cause of the problem, which is the lack of accountability. The only way to root out corruption and maladministration, is to hold those guilty accountable in their personal capacity,” said Outa chairman, Wayne Duvenage.

“The SABC also ignored a second judgement by the Supreme Court of Appeal which found that the public protector’s findings are binding and that those findings must be implemented,” he said.

The third and final allegation brought in Outa’s affidavit relates to procurement irregularities in the upgrading and renovations of various studios. “Our investigation points to a dubious cancellation of an approved bid adjudication committee decision to procure broadcasting equipment in December 2014 of R40.9 million,” said Duvenage.

Outa announced that it would be working with other government entities to ensure that every angle of our allegations are investigated and the necessary action taken against all the individuals implicated, as well as those who knew of the wrongdoing and turned a blind eye to allow the plundering of state funds.

“Their actions, combined with that of Mr Motsoeneng, brought the public broadcaster into disrepute and financial distress,” said Duvenage.

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