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‘I am the most powerful person in South Africa’ – Hlaudi

‘I am the most powerful person in South Africa’ – Hlaudi

Controversial ousted SABC executive Hlaudi Motsoeneng has called himself the most powerful person in South Africa, adding that the SABC had been transformed under his direction.

This while the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in KwaZulu-Natal is pushing for him to be given a ministerial position.

“What we have done – it has never happened in the history of the SABC – where we closed our eyes and empower black people unapologetically,” Motsoeneng told a crowd of approximately 80 people at an ANCYL event in the Durban city centre on Tuesday.

Motsoeneng said his name was on people’s tongues because he touched a nerve for some.

“If you go to SABC, you will realise that 90% contribution and solution is Hlaudi. That is the reason all these people [are] making noise, they know in those meetings I defeat them,” Motsoeneng said to loud applause.

The Western Cape High Court ruled on December 12 that Motsoeneng may not hold any position within the SABC.

Motsoeneng, however, told the audience that he still considers himself an SABC employee.

“I am still an SABC employee. I don’t have a title, but I am [an] employee of the SABC. I don’t need a title to change the lives of people, I need myself,” Motsoeneng said.

Motsoeneng for minister

The former SABC COO also expressed frustration with board members coming out against him.

“All of them used their vote to say that they agree with Hlaudi, today they are turning back to say, ‘Joh, it was Hlaudi who took that decision’. Which means I am the most powerful person in South Africa.”

“If those decisions [have] assisted SABC to [empower] black people, I am very proud,” Motsoeneng said.

Speaking to News24 on Wednesday, ANCYL KwaZulu-Natal regional secretary Thinta Cibane said the league would place pressure on government for Motsoeneng be appointed as a minister.

“He [Motsoeneng] will bring transformation to departments,” Cibane said.

According to Cibane, the ANCYL in KwaZulu-Natal is concerned about ANC members being part of the SABC parliamentary inquiry.

“It is ridiculous that these so-called ANC members agree publicly and privately with the DA and EFF,” Cibane said.

“This [the parliamentary inquiry] is nothing more than antics leading up to the elective conference of 2017.”


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  • Madimetsha

    why does this delusional person still get airtime?

    • lino_lupus

      He is on an uncapped plan……..

  • Madimetsha

    β€œIt is ridiculous that these so-called ANC members agree publicly and privately with the DA and EFF,” Cibane said.

    the aim is to disagree, whether truth or not?

  • Marinus

    these guys are all legends in their own minds.

  • Nicolaas Geldenhuys

    Why does it seem that everyone is so afraid of this useless prick?

    • the-TRUTH

      Because there is a rumour that his mother is some so-called powerful nyanga

  • Khalsa Singh

    Credit to Zuma…….he cleverly created all these outlandish, corrupt smokescreens to help occasionally shift the heat from himself, whilst he goes about his daily corruptions

  • Greg Gow

    Ask what Zuma is busy doing. When he gets quiet it’s like a two year old doing something wrong. Look for him and keep him in your sights at all times. This Motsoeneng is one of his distractions that everyone get involved with while he is doing stuff.

    • Helderberg Helderberg

      It’s like when the ANC members announced in Parliament that Parliament will move to Pretoria then everybody got haywire even the media. And so the focus is off Zuma.

  • Helderberg Helderberg

    Self praise is no recommendation..!!

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