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Hlaudi used spies and dirty tricks to purge his enemies at the SABC: report

Hlaudi used spies and dirty tricks to purge his enemies at the SABC: report

While he was COO, Hlaudi Motsoeneng secretly used the State Security Agency (SSA) to gain leverage on his enemies at the SABC, the Sunday Times reported.

News that the agency was brought in to investigate who was leaking documents was confirmed in a recent parliamentary inquiry, but according to a senior staff member, the leaks were a smokescreen.

According to the report, four people with access to the leaked documents were suspended in April 2015. They were:

  • Itani Tseisi – former head of risk.
  • Henk Lamberts – former television finance manager.
  • Angus Summers – former finance manager in the office of the CFO.
  • Andries Van Dyk – shared financial services manager.

The four were interrogated by two SSA agents, the Sunday Times reported.

Lamberts told the newspaper that Motsoeneng brought in the SSA to go after Tseisi, who openly disagreed with the former COO on the issue of encrypting South Africa’s digital TV signal.

Tseisi said the SSA also went to his home in Limpopo and asked people about his assets, such as his car and properties.

Tseisi and Lamberts told the Sunday Times that an investigation like this is unheard of. If a leak was suspected, Lamberts said they should have got the board to do a group internal audit or the forensic department to investigate.

The SABC and Motsoeneng declined to comment on the matter.

The full report is in the Sunday Times of 23 December 2016.

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