DStv to limit streaming and account-sharing from March

 ·22 Feb 2022

DStv will limit streaming from March 2022 in a bid to clamp down on account sharing.

In a notice published on its website, the media group said that password sharing and piracy are challenges for streaming providers globally.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to counteract password sharing and piracy, while continuing to bring you the best viewing experience, we will be introducing measures to limit concurrent streaming.

“From 22 March 2022, customers will be limited to streaming DStv on one device at a time. They will still be able to watch previously downloaded content on a second device.”

DStv said this is one of several ongoing measures it is introducing to counteract password sharing and piracy.

“The change will be made to all DStv subscriptions across Africa; however, only customers making use of more than one concurrent stream will be directly affected by the change.

“We will not limit the number of people using a login – however, we are limiting (to one) the number of people who can stream at the same time.”

DStv said offline viewing features will not be impacted by this change and it will not limit the number of devices users can have registered for streaming. It added that no pricing changes would be made following the change.

Globally, streaming companies are grappling with how to deal with users who share log-in information.

In 2021, Netflix announced that it would take a firmer stance against people sharing account passwords, testing a feature that prompts non-paying viewers to buy a subscription.

A company spokesperson told Bloomberg that the move was ‘designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorised to do so’.

Forecasts vary on what percentage of subscribers share their accounts with people outside their households. Bloomberg Intelligence said between 20% and 30% of Netflix’s 74 million US users potentially shared login information.

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