Huawei announces new foldable Mate X

Huawei has unveiled the Mate X 5G at a launch event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

As the name suggests, the Mate X is a flagship model alongside Huawei’s other Mate range of smartphones. However, the device stands out for its ability to change shape.

The device in its smartphone format features a 6.6-inch (2480 x 892) display but users are able to open it up and transform it into an 8-inch tablet.

This is achieved through the use of a flexible OLED panel and a Falcon Wing mechanical hinge.

As a result, Huawei’s in-device hinge allows the phone to measure 5.4mm thick when unfolded, and 10.9mm thick when folded. The company emphasised that when folded, there is no gap between the two halves of the phone at any point.

Worked on by Huawei for over three years, Huawei said the Falcon Wing features over 100 components and will allow for true back-to-back folding – a sticking point of the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Fold.


The Mate X 5G is equipped with Balong 5,000 5G, a Kirin 980 processor, and 8GB of RAM – making it the ‘world’s fastest 5G smartphone’ according to Huawei.

Huawei said that these features combined with a quad 5G antenna design will allow downlink speed of up to 4.6 Gbps allowing users to download a 1GB movie in just three seconds.

The Mate X 5G also features a high-capacity 4,500mAh battery. This is supported by 55W SuperCharge which allows users to charge up to 85% of their battery in 30 minutes.

Because of the device’s unique design, the camera has a singular Leica camera which plays the role of both front and rear cameras.

Huawei acknowledged that because there is a lot of new technology in the Mate X 5G,  the device will be more expensive than traditional flagships.

This means that the Mate X (8G RAM, 512GB storage, Kirin 980 processor) will sell for €2,299 when it launches in mid-2019.

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Huawei announces new foldable Mate X