Sanral quietly hikes e-toll prices – here’s how much more you will be paying

Sanral has announced increases for Gauteng e-toll gantries and other national toll roads in South Africa, which take effect as of 3 March.

According to the AA, some Sanral users – not all – received notification of the increases via e-mail on Friday (3 march), the day of the adjustments.

Actual increase values were not included in the communication, however, nor was there any justification of why the increases were being made.

The new tariff prices also do not provide any historical data of the prices, and their increases over a period of time. Sanral’s only justification was that the adjustments were published in the Government Gazette on 16 February.

The e-toll tariff hikes are around 6% across the board, in line with inflation.

“Sanral has again missed an opportunity to engage meaningfully with the public on this topic. We warned last year that Sanral must try and win support from the public, but it seems its attitude to motorists remains arrogant and uncaring,” the AA noted.

“We will not be surprised if, given this attitude, and the prevailing economic situation in South Africa, more motorists decide not to pay their tolls.

“Sanral would do well to remember it is a service provider to their customers, the motorists of South Africa, and yet its attitude conveys the opposite message.”

The new toll fees can be see in the tables below.

New Gantry Prices (Gauteng e-tolls)

The old prices can be found here.

New Plaza prices

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Sanral quietly hikes e-toll prices – here’s how much more you will be paying